How to buy Uae .ae domain full process 2024 Updated

buy uae .ae domain website and regsiteration full process

How to Buy and set up Uae .ae website domain in dubai full information | Uae .ae domain Buying and registeration full process- step by step detailed guide ,TDRA accredited registrars list in uae.

Having a business in UAE and would like to get a domain or website which will fulfill you needs to market of UAE ? Then you are in right place to know about how you can register you uae Top level domain .AE under your name or business /organisation.

Putting your business online is the new trend of the market and buying a right kind of domain or website for your business is very much important to get customers or buyers for your business.

According to Web specialists,if you want to target certain kind of audience specifically location wise then the location based domains make it very helpful to get visibility of your business to your clients.

In UAE, The Uae government has made the national domains as .AE which is ” TOP LEVEL DOMAIN IN UAE “.

TDRA,UAE telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory authority have said .AE is the country code top level domain which specifically caters to the UAE market for the buisnesses registered in Uae.

Even the .COM, .NET & .ORG is also been considered as TDRA top level domains in UAE.we will describe you the importance of .ae domain in uae and how you can buy ,register and set up .ae doamin easily in uae.

Why to use .ae Domain name in Uae ?

  • To get local market customers
  • serving in uae
  • High authoritative
  • Respected ownership
  • Trust

How to get and Buy .ae webiste domain in UAE

Check availability of your domain first in TDRA registry.

First step is to check the availability of your domain in the TDRA Registry.Below are the points to check on UAE TDRA REGISTRY for your domain name.
– Visit and select whois check option to search for the availability of your name.
– After entering the detail of your domain name ,click on search and the answer will be provided by the registry.
– The answer format will be shown in the format of “available ” or “Not available “.

Register your website with accredited registrars.

Now after the availability process,you need to register your website with accredited registrars in uae for your domain.Accredited registrars are those who has given the authority to sell .ae domains in the UAE by government.List is given below and the link is given Below too.

Set up your account with registrar .

Set up your account details with registrar and fill all the details correctly like
-Full name
-Conatct number
-Email address
Note :Details should be matched with the organisation name or your name.

Buy your Domain name and the registeration will be done.

After making yourself registered as a user with the registerant,the next step is to regsiter your preferred domain name after making the payment .Your domain name will be regsitered on DNS and TDRA both.

Verify details Whois look up

After the entire process is been done, Please verify your details on WHOIS service , same as the first point of the process. Check all your details and in case if there is any details missing, you must contact your domain registrar for alteration.

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Important points to check before registering on domain registrars in UAE

  • Transferring, cancelling or setting up new regisrant can be only done by the registered registrant.
  • Put your name or your organisation name as registrant.
  • Provide correct e-mail address.
  • Provide correct technical or admin contact address to be approached .

Important links to follow

Domain Whois check service UAE

List of domain accredited regsitrars in UAE :

Note : The Information provided above is been given on good note and best of our authors knowledge,it may differ from the actual licensing regualtion in UAE.We are not responsible for the change in information as it totally depends on UAE government.Please visit the official Government website to know more in exact .


Who regulates .ae domain in uae ?

TDRA monitors and regulates .ae domain name in uae.

How many domain name accredited registrars in uae ?

Currently 20

Can I buy .ae domain name from non accredited registrars in uae ?


How to set up .ae domain in UAE ?

Read the simple process above in the article.