UAE Loan Mortgage Calculator 2024 | EMI Calculator

3 Easy Steps to calculate your Loan EMI

Step 1

Enter your Loan Amount (How much amount you will borrow) and enter the Interest rate offered to you.

Step 2

Enter Loan Duration (Basically loan tenure) and click on the Calcualte EMI below.

Step 3

You will get the result as Monthly installments,total principal you need to pay along with your interest rate and other details as well.

In the realm of personal finance, tools like Loan Mortgage Calculators, commonly known as EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) Calculators, play a crucial role in helping individuals plan and manage their financial commitments in Uae. 

We have certainly made a full fledge Loan EMI calculator for you to use freely and below is the some relevant inofrmation which can be useful for you to understand the Loan Mortgage Calculator is, how it functions, and the key factors it takes into account to provide accurate results.

What is a Loan Mortgage Calculator ?

A Loan Mortgage Calculator, or EMI Calculator, is a financial tool designed to assist individuals in estimating their monthly loan repayments.

 It is particularly useful for those considering a loan, such as a mortgage for a home or a personal loan. By inputting essential details like the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure, users can swiftly obtain an estimate of their monthly installment.

How is it Calculated ?

The EMI calculation is based on a standard formula that considers the principal loan amount, annual interest rate, and the loan tenure in months. 

The formula, often referred to as the “EMI formula,” takes into account the time value of money and ensures a fair distribution of both principal and interest components over the loan duration


EMI is the Equated Monthly Installment.

P is the principal loan amount.

r is the monthly interest rate (annual rate divided by 12 and converted to a decimal).

n is the total number of payments (loan tenure in months).

Understanding the Results :

EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) :

The EMI is the fixed monthly payment that a borrower needs to make towards loan repayment. It comprises both principal and interest components.

Total Interest Amount :

This represents the cumulative interest paid over the entire loan tenure.

Duration :

The total loan tenure expressed in months.

Interest Rate :

The annual interest rate applied to the loan amount, converted to a monthly rate.

Loan Amount :

The principal amount borrowed.

Total Payable (Principal + Interest) :

The sum of the principal loan amount and the total interest payable.

Conclusion :

Loan Mortgage Calculators provide users with a quick and convenient way to assess the financial implications of a loan. 

By understanding how this calculator work and interpreting the results, individuals can make informed decisions about their borrowing requirements. 

Whether planning for a home purchase, a car loan, or any other financial commitment, using an EMI Calculator Uae 2024 empowers individuals to manage their finances wisely.

Disclaimer:  This above calculator is for education purpose only .We does not provide any financial advice or do not ahere to any financial investments.Do your own research.There might be chances that above calculator might produce results not in your favor or different results.Please check with your accountant or financial advisor before taking any steps.