17 best freelance jobs to earn part time income 2024

freelance gigs to earn part time income in uae

Have you ever thought of earning some extra income in uae ?

but couldn’t able to find out what is best option to earn some extra cash ?

Don’t worry side hustlers !

The need for some extra cash is wanted by everyone in the city but don’t wanna ditch your day job ?

You’re in luck !

The UAE is booming with freelance opportunities after the Uae government has launched freelance visa for the part timers.It is viable to have some extra cash (dirhams) or quick income to support your monthly budget and savings.

What is freelance work ?

Freelance work, in essence, means working for yourself instead of being an employee of a company. You offer your skills and expertise to clients on a project-by-project basis, setting your own rates and hours.

It’s a great option for those who value flexibility, independence, and control over their work.

Earning a legitimate income with different options can be sometime breathtaking task which is where,we will help you out in choosing the best side income option in uae.

let’s dive into the coolest gigs to earn some sweet dirhams on your own terms.

17 best freelance gigs to earn some quick cash in Uae 2024

1. Content writing

What you’ll do : Create written content for websites, blogs, social media, and other online platforms. This could include articles, blog posts, website copy, social media captions, email newsletters, and more.

Skills required : Excellent writing and communication skills, strong research skills, ability to meet deadlines, and knowledge of SEO.

Estimated earnings : AED 50-200 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Create a portfolio of your writing samples and start pitching clients directly or sign up for freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.com.

2. Social media management

What you’ll do : Manage social media accounts for businesses and individuals. This could include creating and scheduling content, responding to comments and messages, running social media ads, and analyzing results.

Skills required : Strong understanding of social media platforms, excellent communication and writing skills, creativity, and analytical skills.

Estimated earnings : AED 1,000-5,000 per month, depending on the number of clients and the size of their accounts.

How to get started : Take online courses or certifications in social media management, build your own social media following, and start offering your services to businesses.

3. Virtual assistant

What you’ll do : Provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely. This could include scheduling appointments, managing email, creating presentations, data entry, and more.

Skills required : Strong organizational and communication skills, computer literacy, and the ability to work independently.

Estimated earnings : AED 10-20 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Take online courses or certifications in virtual assistance, build a strong online presence, and start offering your services to businesses.

4. Graphic design

What you’ll do : Create visual content such as logos, illustrations, website graphics, and social media images.

Skills required : Strong graphic design skills, proficiency in design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and creativity.

Estimated earnings : AED 100-500 per project, depending on the complexity of the project.

How to get started : Create a portfolio of your graphic design work, and start offering your services to businesses or individuals. You can also find freelance graphic design work on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

5. Web development

What you’ll do : Develop and design websites for businesses and individuals. This could include building websites from scratch, customizing existing websites, or fixing website bugs.

Skills required : Programming skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), web development frameworks (e.g., WordPress), and problem-solving skills.

Estimated earnings : AED 50-200 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Learn to code through online courses or tutorials, build a portfolio of your web development projects, and start offering your services to businesses or individuals.

6. Translation

What you’ll do : Translate written content from one language to another. This could include translating website content, marketing materials, legal documents, and more.

Skills required : Fluency in two or more languages, excellent writing and communication skills, and attention to detail.

Estimated earnings : AED 0.05-0.20 per word, depending on the language combination and the complexity of the text.

How to get started : Become a certified translator, create a portfolio of your translation work, and start offering your services to translation agencies or directly to clients.

7. Photography

What you’ll do : Take professional photos for events, products, or individuals.

Skills required : Strong photography skills, knowledge of lighting and composition, and editing skills.

Estimated earnings : AED 500-2,000 per photoshoot, depending on the experience and expertise.

How to get started : Build a portfolio of your photography work, and start offering your services to businesses or individuals. You can also sell your photos on stock photo websites.

8. Videography

What you’ll do : Create and edit videos for businesses and individuals. This could include promotional videos, event videos, explainer videos, social media videos, and more.

Skills required :

Videography skills : This includes knowing how to operate a camera, capture quality footage, understand lighting and composition, and use different camera angles and movements effectively.

Editing skills : You’ll need to be proficient in video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to put together your footage, add transitions, graphics, and music.

Creativity : A good videographer can tell a story visually and bring ideas to life in a compelling way. This requires creativity and understanding of visual storytelling techniques.

Estimated earnings : The earnings for videography can vary greatly depending on several factors :

Experience : Beginners might start at AED 100-200 per hour, while experienced videographers can charge AED 500-1,000 per hour or even more.

Project complexity : Simple projects like short social media videos will pay less than longer, more complex productions like weddings or corporate documentaries.

Location : Videographers charging higher rates usually operate in bigger cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

How to get started:

Build your skills: Take online courses, watch tutorials, and practice videography with your own projects.

Create a portfolio: Showcase your best work online through a website or social media profiles.

Network: Connect with other videographers, event planners, and businesses in your area.

Offer competitive rates: Start with competitive rates to attract clients, then gradually increase your pricing as you gain experience and build your reputation.

Utilize freelance platforms: Sign up on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Behance to find freelance videography gigs.

9. Online tutoring

What you’ll do: Tutor students online in various subjects, from languages and math to science and history.

Skills required : Strong subject knowledge, excellent communication and teaching skills, and patience.

Estimated earnings : AED 50-100 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Get TEFL certified, create a profile on online tutoring platforms like VIPKid or Cambly, and start building your student base.

10. Social media marketing

What you’ll do : Develop and execute social media marketing strategies for businesses. This could include creating content, running ads, and analyzing results.

Skills required : Strong understanding of social media platforms, marketing principles, and data analysis.

Estimated earnings : AED 2,000-5,000 per month, depending on the size of the client and the scope of the project.

How to get started : Get certified in social media marketing, build a portfolio of your past work, and start offering your services to businesses.

11. Data entry

What you’ll do : Manually enter data into spreadsheets or databases.

Skills required : Attention to detail, typing accuracy, and basic computer skills.

Estimated earnings : AED 10-20 per hour, depending on the complexity of the task.

How to get started : Create a profile on freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, and start bidding on data entry projects.

12. Web content editing and proofreading

What you’ll do : Edit and proofread website content for grammar, spelling, and clarity.

Skills required : Excellent grammar and editing skills, strong attention to detail, and knowledge of style guides.

Estimated earnings : AED 20-50 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Take online courses in editing and proofreading, build a portfolio of your work, and start offering your services to businesses or individuals.

13. Search engine optimization (SEO) writing

What you’ll do : Write content that is optimized for search engines. This could include blog posts, website copy, and product descriptions.

Skills required :  Excellent writing and communication skills, SEO knowledge, and research skills.

Estimated earnings : AED 50-100 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Take online courses in SEO writing, build a portfolio of your work, and start offering your services to businesses or individuals.

14. Virtual bookkeeping

What you’ll do : Handle bookkeeping tasks for businesses remotely, such as recording transactions, reconciling accounts, and preparing financial statements.

Skills required : Strong accounting skills, experience with accounting software, and attention to detail.

Estimated earnings : AED 20-30 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

How to get started : Get certified in bookkeeping, build a portfolio of your work, and start offering your services to businesses.

15. Online customer service

What you’ll do : Provide customer service to clients remotely via phone, email, or chat.

Skills required : Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and empathy.

Estimated earnings : AED 10-20 per hour, depending on the company and the experience level.

How to get started : Apply for online customer service jobs on company websites or job boards.

16. Transcription

What you’ll do : Transcribe audio or video recordings into written text.

Skills required : Excellent typing skills, active listening skills, and attention to detail.

Estimated earnings : AED 0.10-0.20 per minute of audio, depending on the complexity of the recording.

How to get started : Take online courses in transcription, build a portfolio of your work, and start offering your services on freelance platforms like TranscribeMe or Rev.

17. App development

What you’ll do : Develop mobile apps for businesses or individuals.

Skills required : Programming skills (Java, Kotlin, Swift), mobile app development frameworks, and problem-solving skills.

Estimated earnings : Highly variable, depending on the complexity of the app and your experience.

How to get started : Learn to code through online courses or tutorials, build a portfolio of your app development projects, and start offering your services to businesses or individuals.

After selecting one or more option which is suitable for you to choose then we have some importnat points for you to consider while doing freelance work in uae.

Important points to consider for freelance work in UAE


Freelance Permit : Obtaining a freelance permit issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) or Free Zone authority is mandatory. This allows you to legally work as a freelancer and issue invoices.

Residence Visa : You need a valid residence visa, either individual or sponsored. Residency regulations for freelancers might differ compared to employed individuals.

2. Taxation

Emirates Value Added Tax (VAT) : Freelancers earning more than AED 375,000 annually must register for VAT and charge it on their services.

Personal Income Tax : Currently, there is no personal income tax in the UAE, but this could change in the future.

3. Regulations by Activity :

Specific licenses/permits : Certain freelance activities like teaching, construction, or healthcare might require additional licenses or permits beyond the general freelance permit.

Professional regulations : If your work falls under regulated professions like accounting or engineering, you may need to comply with specific professional body regulations.

4. General Considerations :

Health Insurance : Having health insurance is mandatory for all residents, including freelancers.

Work Visa Sponsorship : If you’re employed full-time and freelance on the side, ensure your freelance activity doesn’t violate your work visa sponsorship restrictions.

Labor Law : While not directly covered by the UAE Labor Law, understanding basic employee rights and responsibilities can be helpful.

5. Staying Informed :

DED Websites : Both the DED and relevant Free Zone websites provide detailed information and updates on regulations for freelancers.

Consult a Professional : For specific and personalized advice, consider consulting a lawyer or legal professional specializing in UAE freelance regulations.

Remember: It’s crucial to stay updated on changes in regulations and ensure your freelance activities comply with UAE laws. By following these guidelines and conducting thorough research, you can embark on a successful and legal freelance journey in the UAE.

we hope this information might help you in any way to earn some extra cash income in uae.

Until then,

Stay safe & healthy.

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15 Best Stocks to buy in dubai 2024

best stocks to buy in dubai with large market cap

Thinking of snagging a piece of that Dubai desert gold through stocks ?

Ever wonder Can you buy stocks in dubai ?

The answer is simply, “Yes” and in easy way as buying gold from Souk.

Every country has their own local stock market where people buy or sell stocks digitally now a days.In Uae ,it is emerging with the growth of the country having 3 exchanges working together and having ample amount of investments coming from the foreign investors ,institutional investors,traders,etc.

Dubai boasts three markets :

  • Dubai Financial Market (DFM),
  • Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)
  • Nasdaq Dubai

Each has its own flavor of companies, from local giants like Emaar Properties to international heavyweights like DP World.

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has emerged as a significant player in the region, attracting investors seeking exposure to the dynamic UAE economy.

However, before diving into the market, it’s crucial to understand the unique landscape and conduct thorough research. This article delves into key aspects of Dubai stocks, highlighting factors to consider before making investment decisions.

Understanding Dubai Stock market Overview 2024

Performance : The DFM has witnessed a positive trend in recent years, with the DFM General Index rising steadily. However, remember that past performance is not indicative of future results.

Key Sectors : Real estate, banking, finance, and consumer staples are major contributors, reflecting Dubai’s economic strengths. Additionally, sectors like technology and healthcare are gaining traction.

Liquidity : While liquidity has improved in recent years, it’s still lower compared to some developed markets. This can impact your ability to buy and sell shares quickly.

Exchange : Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Nasdaq Dubai are the two primary exchanges, offering equities, Sukuk (Islamic bonds), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and more.

Market Capitalization : As of January 2024, the combined market cap stands at roughly USD 130 billion, with DFM dominating.

Market Structure : The DFM primarily features ordinary shares, Sukuk (Islamic bonds), and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Market capitalization stands at around $89 billion, with a strong presence of local and regional companies.

Recent Performance : The DFM has witnessed positive performance in recent years, with the DFM General Index rising steadily. However, market fluctuations are inevitable, and understanding historical trends is crucial.

Points to consider before investing in Dubai stock Market

Company Analysis :

Financials : Scrutinize the company’s financial statements, including revenue growth, profitability, debt levels, and cash flow. Look for a sustainable business model with a clear path to profitability.

Management : Assess the management team’s track record, experience, and qualifications. Strong leadership is vital for navigating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.

Industry Trends : Understand the industry’s overall health, growth prospects, and potential risks. Look for companies well-positioned to benefit from industry tailwinds.

Valuation :

Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) : Compare the company’s P/E ratio to its industry peers and historical averages. A high P/E ratio might indicate the stock is overvalued, while a low P/E could signal undervaluation.

Dividend Yield : Consider the company’s dividend history and payout ratio. Dividends provide regular income, but prioritize companies with sustainable dividend policies.

Risk Tolerance :

Individual Risk Profile : Assess your own risk tolerance and investment goals. Dubai stocks can be volatile, so align your investments with your risk appetite.

Market Volatility : Be aware of the inherent volatility of the DFM and broader market conditions. Diversification across sectors and asset classes can mitigate risk.

Regulation and Compliance :

Understand the regulations : Familiarize yourself with the DFM’s trading rules, disclosure requirements, and investor protection mechanisms.

Brokerage Selection : Choose a reputable and licensed broker with a strong track record and transparent fees.

15+ stocks to buy in dubai with large Market Cap 2024

1. Emaar Properties PJSC


MARKET CAP : 68.05 Billion Aed

EPS : 0.52

SECTOR : Real estate

2. Dubai Islamic Bank P.J.S.C.


MARKET CAP : 46.181 Billion Aed

EPS : 0.53

SECTOR : Banking

3. Emirates NBD PJSC


MARKET CAP : 111.804 Billion AED

EPS : 1.38

SECTOR : Banking

4. Dubai Taxi Co PJSC


MARKET CAP : 5.725 Billion Aed

SECTOR : Transport services

5. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co PJSC


MARKET CAP : 26.06 Billion Aed

SECTOR : Telecommunications

6. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC)


MARKET CAP : 122 Billion Aed

SECTOR : Utilities

7. Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC 


MARKET CAP : 40.185 Billion Aed

EPS : 0.15

SECTOR : Banking

8. National Central Cooling Company PJSC


MARKET CAP : 9.389 Billion Aed

EPS : 0.2110

SECTOR : Public sector

9. Salik Company PJSC



SECTOR : Transport



MARKET CAP : 28.36 Billion Aed

SECTOR : Real estate

11. Dubai Financial Market P.J.S.C.


MARKET CAP : 10.554 Billion aed

EPS : 0.0130

SECTOR : Finance

12. Dubai Investments PJSC


MARKET CAP :10.077 Billion Aed

EPS : 0.1460

SECTOR : Real estate

13. Mashreqbank PSC


MARKET CAP : 41.12 Billion Aed

EPS : 5.00

SECTOR : Banking

14 . Air Arabia PJSC


MARKET CAP : 13.86 Billion Aed

EPS : 0.1540


15. Al Ansari Financial Services PJSC 


MARKET CAP : 8.025 Billion Aed

Sector : Financial Services

Aboev 15 high value market stocks in DFM (Dubai Financial Market) 2024 will help you valuate your invetsments in Major big companies and some 21 brokers which we have listed it for you (click)

Investor To do checklist :

  • Define your investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Conduct thorough research on the DFM and Nasdaq Dubai markets.
  • Analyze potential sectors and identify promising companies.
  • Evaluate individual company fundamentals and valuations.
  • Assess the liquidity and volatility of your chosen stocks.
  • Stay informed about economic news, regulations, and market trends.
  • Consider seeking professional financial advice if needed.

Bonus Tips :

Stay Informed : Keep up-to-date with market news, company announcements, and economic developments that could impact your investments.

Seek Professional Advice : Consider consulting a financial advisor for personalized guidance based on your unique circumstances and investment goals.

Start Small : Begin with smaller investments to gain experience and confidence before committing larger sums.

Remember, investing in any stock market carries inherent risks.

By conducting thorough research, understanding the Dubai market’s nuances, and carefully considering your individual circumstances, you can make informed investment decisions and navigate the exciting opportunities the DFM presents.

We hope this might add some value in your stock market knowledge in UAE.

Keep tune in to DXBIFY ,as we are about to bring some free stock market courses for you very soon.

Until then,

Stay safe and secure.

Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.Dxbify will not be responsible for your financial investments.

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20 Budget Friendly EMI credit cards in Uae 2024

budget friendly EMI credit cards options in uae

Want to buy new gadget,car,dress,or anything in UAE but you don’t have money for it ?

Don’t be embarrased,we all have been there sometime.

Either it will be New Iphone payment buying from dubai mall or new House rent in dubai marina ,everything could have been transformed into small breakdown payment and now you know what we are talking about.

Are you the budgeted ones in UAE ,who are always looking for some time to pay for full payment ?

Don’t sweat it, friend !

The answer to all your questions and worries is cheap low cost EMI CREDIT CARDS in Dubai

Imagine this : you’re back from Bali, basking in the glow of sun-kissed skin and island memories. But that new surfboard whispers, “Remember me ?

And the hefty price tag ?” No need to dive into financial panic !

With an EMI card, that board (or any other splurge) can be spread across comfy monthly payments, turning your post-trip blues into “payday with a smile” kind of vibes. Think of it as your financial surfboard, keeping you afloat in the sea of post-vacation expenses.

What is EMI Credit cards ?

An EMI credit card in the UAE, or anywhere else for that matter, is a credit card that allows you to pay for your purchases in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs).

This means instead of paying the entire amount at once, you can spread it out over a predetermined period, typically ranging from 3 to 24 months, depending on the card and the purchase amount.

How does EMI Credit card works in UAE

Make a purchase: Use your EMI credit card to make a purchase that meets the minimum eligible amount (usually around AED 3,000).

Choose your EMI plan : Select the desired EMI tenure at the checkout or through your card’s online portal.

Monthly repayments: The purchase amount is divided into equal monthly installments that you pay along with your regular credit card statement.

Interest and fees : Most EMI credit cards charge interest on the outstanding balance, though some may offer 0% interest for specific categories or limited periods. There may also be processing fees or other charges associated with using the EMI option.

Benefits of EMI credit cards

Manage large purchases : Allows you to afford bigger purchases like electronics, furniture, or even travel packages without straining your budget.

Flexibility: Choose an EMI plan that suits your repayment capacity and financial situation.

Budgeting tool : Makes budgeting easier by breaking down the cost into predictable monthly payments.

Reward points : Some EMI cards offer reward points or cashback on purchases, even when paid in installments.

Things to consider before using an EMI credit card

Interest rates : Compare interest rates across different cards to find the best deal and avoid high financing charges.

Eligibility : Check the minimum transaction amount and other eligibility criteria for using the EMI option on your card.

Debt accumulation : Don’t overspend just because you have the EMI option. Be mindful of your overall debt and spending habits.

Fees : Watch out for processing fees, late payment charges, or other potential costs associated with EMI usage.

These above points and explianation are not limited ,they can vary according to your needs ,however,basic general principle applies to all emi credit cards while applying or choosing them in UAE.

But before we start booking flights and racking up digital surfboards, let’s dive into the details. Here are 10 UAE credit cards offering sweet EMI options, each with its own set of perks and quirks :

10 Budget friendly EMI credit cards in UAE (Dubai)

1.FAB Classic Credit Card


Annual Fee – AED 250

This pocket-friendly gem lets you split purchases from AED 3,000 into EMIs, perfect for unexpected (but necessary) expenses like car repairs or that leaky roof. No judgment here, leaky roofs happen!

2. Mashreq Neo Visa Signature Credit Card

Annual Fee– AED 899

Treat yourself to a shopping spree without the guilt! This card offers 0% interest EMIs on select electronics and furniture stores, along with travel insurance and purchase protection. Now, go forth and conquer those sale racks!

3. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card

Annual Fee -AED700

This travel enthusiast’s dream card lets you split flight and hotel bookings into EMIs, plus you earn reward points on every swipe. Double the adventure, double the joy!

4. RAKBANK Smart Traveller Credit Card

Annual Fee -AED 350

Say goodbye to airport stress! This card offers priority check-in, lounge access, and yes, you guessed it, EMIs on flight bookings. Now, boarding time becomes “relaxation time.” No more sprinting through duty-free with your hair on fire!

5. Emirates Islamic Flex Everyday Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 250

This everyday hero lets you split purchases from AED 500 into EMIs, covering everything from groceries to that new outfit you need for (ahem) post-vacation Instagram pics. We all deserve a post-trip fashion update, right?

6. HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee– AED 1,500

Spoil yourself with 0% interest EMIs on luxury brands and designer boutiques, access to prestigious airport lounges, and complimentary travel insurance.

7. ADCB Elite Credit Card

Annual Fee-AED 3,000

Bask in VIP treatment with dedicated concierge service, exclusive dining and entertainment offers, and up to 60 months’ EMI options on high-end purchases.

8. First Abu Dhabi Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee-AED 1,500

Extend your gadget addiction with 0% interest EMIs on electronics and appliances, plus global Wi-Fi access and extended warranties.

9. Emirates Skywards Platinum Credit Card

Annual Fee AED 1,250

Transform business trips into tech-fueled adventures with EMIs on gadgets and electronics at select airport stores, along with priority check-in and bonus Skywards Miles.

10. RAKBank Smart Shopper Credit Card

Annual FeeAED 500

Manage family expenses like a pro with EMIs on groceries and utility bills, enjoy family-friendly travel insurance, and earn reward points on everyday purchases

Remember, friends, EMI cards are powerful tools, but like any magic, they require responsible use. Always be mindful of interest rates (which can vary) and stick to a budget.

Don’t let the siren song of endless installments lure you into a financial whirlpool. Think of it as spreading out the fun, not drowning in debt.

Below are some secret tips which I have encountered in my usage and come to know for various users and they actually saves a lot for you.

Bonus Tips Only for you

Minimum transaction amount for EMI eligibility : Some cards have a minimum amount you need to spend before you can split it into payments.

Maximum tenure for EMI repayment : This can range from a few months to a few years, so choose a card with a timeline that fits your budget.

Buy now ,Pay Later : Check for cards offering “buy now, pay later” schemes on specific platforms like Amazon or Noon, allowing you to split purchases into installments without a traditional credit card.

Interest EMI : Look for cards with 0% interest EMI offers on specific categories like travel or electronics. Score yourself a sweet deal without the sting of extra charges! Because who doesn’t love a bargain with their new surfboard?

Additional benefits : Go beyond just EMI options and highlight other perks like cashback, reward points, travel insurance, airport lounge access, etc.

Link to the card’s website for more details : Make it easy for readers to get all the nitty-gritty information.

Remember, finding the perfect EMI card is all about tailoring it to your unique lifestyle and spending habits. Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare offers before making a decision!

Overall, EMI credit cards can be a helpful tool for managing large purchases and making them more affordable, but it’s important to use them responsibly and understand the associated fees and interest rates.

I hope this EMI Credit card guide in Uae will help you out in many ways and you can bookmak this article for cross check while choosing or selecting Low cost budget friendly EMI credit cards option in dubai.

Until Then ,


Always spend responsibly !

Stay Safe and Financially Healthy.

Disclaimer : This above article blog post is for educational and informational purposes only.We do not recommend,prefer or promote any type of financial instruments.We are not responsible for your choices,Do your own research before choosing any products.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

Can I split all purchases on my EMI card into installments ?

No, usually there’s a minimum transaction amount (typically around AED 3,000) for purchases to be eligible for EMI plans. Additionally, specific brands or categories like groceries or bills might not be included.

Do I get loyalty points even when paying in installments ?

Some cards offer reward points or cashback even on EMI purchases, but there might be different rates or exclusions compared to full payments. Check your card’s specific terms and conditions.

What happens if I miss an EMI payment ?

Missing an EMI payment can incur late payment charges and might negatively impact your credit score. Always prioritize timely repayments to avoid any penalties.

Can I combine multiple purchases into one EMI plan ?

Some cards allow for “consolidation” where you can combine existing card balances or multiple recent purchases into a single EMI plan, simplifying your repayments.

Is there a way to get 0% interest on EMI purchases ?

Yes, some cards offer limited-time promotions or specific partnerships with certain stores where you can enjoy 0% interest on EMI plans for electronics, furniture, or even travel bookings.

12 Lounge access Credit Cards in Uae 2024

best lounge access credit cards in uae

Imagine this : you’re at Dubai International Airport ! you’re sprinting through a bustling airport, juggling overflowing suitcases and a toddler with the energy of a jet engine.

The clock mocks you, your flight boarding in a heartbeat.

Your dream vacation is on the brink of meltdown and you’re already fed up before even starting.

But wait,

What if there was a secret portal, a haven beckons – a sanctuary of calm amidst the chaos, a portal to pre-flight serenity.

A haven of calm Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments, and comfy armchairs, where you can sip your latte and prep for your adventure in peace.

This, my friend, is the magic of airport lounge access , and in the UAE, it’s a perk waiting to be unlocked with the right credit card.

Enter the world of airport lounges, and the key that unlocks them ?

Your trusty credit card.

For frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts in the UAE, navigating the multitude of lounge access credit cards can be overwhelming.

Fear not, weary traveler, for we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to 12 top-tier Lounge Access credit cards from UAE banks, offering your passport to lounge serenity in 2024.

Before that we will also guide you through on benefits and How to check the best Lounge access credit for your needs.Ready ?

What to Check Before Applying Lounge Access Credit cards in Uae

how to apply credit card in dubai uae

1. Lounge Access Network

Not all cards offer access to the same lounges. Look for cards partnered with networks like Priority Pass, DragonPass, or LoungeKey, which provide access to hundreds of lounges worldwide.

2. Annual Fee and Spending Requirements

Lounge access often comes with an annual fee and minimum spending requirements. Choose a card that aligns with your travel frequency and budget.

3. Benefits and Rewards

Don’t just focus on lounge access. Consider other card benefits like travel insurance, purchase protection, cashback, or loyalty program points.

4. Interest Rates and Fees

Understand the card’s interest rate and fees, particularly if you’re not planning to pay your balance in full each month.

5. Usage Policies and other Conditions

All these above points will navigate you in getting the best lounge access credit card in Uae.

Benefits of Lounge Access Credit Cards

Escape the Crowds : Bid farewell to overflowing terminals and screaming toddlers. Lounges offer a tranquil oasis with comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and sometimes even spa treatments.

Prioritize Your Time : Skip the long queues and enjoy priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. Lounge access saves you precious time and reduces travel stress.

Elevate Your Experience : Enjoy complimentary food and beverages, from gourmet snacks to international buffets. Some lounges even offer showers, entertainment systems, and business centers.

Boost Your Travel Rewards: Many lounge access cards offer bonus miles or points on travel and dining, accelerating your journey towards your next dream destination.

These are few benefits of using Lounge access credit cards ,however,they are not limited as well.You may find many cards having ample amount of benefits to use like

12 Best Lounge access credit cards in Uae 2024

1. HSBC Black Credit Card

HSBC Lounge access credit card uae

Annual Fee : AED 1500

Unrivaled luxury awaits with unlimited access to over 1,200 lounges worldwide, chauffeur service in Dubai, and a dedicated travel concierge.

2. Citibank Emirates Ultima Credit Card

citibank emirates ultima credit card

Annual Fee : AED 3000

Enjoy unlimited lounge access, 2.5 Skywards Miles per AED spent, and complimentary Silver membership with Emirates, along with a sleek metal card.

Check out Weblink : https://www1.citibank.ae/credit-cards/travel/emirates-citibank-ultima-mastercard

3. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 1575

Relax in over 1,000 lounges globally, earn Priority Pass Select membership, and enjoy travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://www.sc.com/sg/credit-cards/visa-infinite-card/

4. ADCB Travellers Credit Card

ADCB travellers credit card

Annual Fee : AED 1050

Access over 650 lounges worldwide, earn 1.25 Etihad Guest Miles per AED spent, and enjoy travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://www.adcb.com/en/personal/cards/credit-cards/traveller-credit-card

5. Mashreq Bank Solitaire Credit Card

Mashreq Bank solitaire credit card

Annual Fee : AED 1500

Unwind in over 1,000 lounges, earn 1.5 Mashreq Miles per AED spent, and benefit from travel insurance, purchase protection, and hotel discounts.

Check out Weblink : https://www.mashreqbank.com/en/uae/neo/cards/credit-cards/solitaire-credit-card/

6. Emirates Islamic Bank Flex Elite Credit Card

emirates islamic bank flex elite credit card

Annual Fee : AED 700

Enjoy access to over 850 lounges, earn 1 Skywards Mile per AED spent, and benefit from travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://www.emiratesislamic.ae/en/personal-banking/cards/credit-cards/flex-elite-card

7. FAB Cashback World Mastercard Credit Card


Annual Fee : AED 315

Relax in over 1,000 lounges, earn 1% cashback on all spends, and enjoy purchase protection and travel insurance.

Check out Weblink : https://www.bankfab.com/en-ae/personal/credit-cards/cashback-credit-card

8. Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 200

Earn 1% cashback on all spends and gain access to over 1,000 lounges through the Deem app, along with travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://deem.io/cards/titanium-cash-up

9. Emirates Skywards Platinum Credit Card

Emirates Skywards Platinum Credit Card

Annual Fee : Varies

Earn Skywards Miles on spends and access over 850 lounges with Silver membership. Annual fee varies depending on spending threshold.

Check out Weblink : https://www.emirates.com/us/english/book/about-booking-online/payment-options/

10. Dubai Islamic Bank Makkah Miles World Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee : Varies

Earn Makkah Miles on spends and access over 700 lounges with Silver membership. Annual fee varies depending on spending threshold.

Check out Weblink : https://www.dib.ae/personal/cards

11. RAKBANK Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

RAKBANK Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED599

Earn RAKPoints on spends and access over 600 lounges with Priority Pass Select membership.

Check out Weblink : https://www.rakbank.ae/en/cards/credit-cards

12. First Abu Dhabi Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

First Abu Dhabi Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 595

Earn FAB Rewards points on spends and access over 1,000 lounges with Priority Pass Select membership.

Check out Weblink : https://www.bankfab.com/en-ae/personal/credit-cards/fab-world-elite

These 12 Lounge access credit cards can help you in your easy travelling through airports and some tips which you should remember while using cards are listed as below .

Important Tips for Lounge Access Credit Cards Usage

Check Lounge Availability : Lounge access can be limited during peak hours. Book your lounge visit in advance, especially if traveling with a large group.

Dress Code : Some lounges have dress codes, so pack accordingly. Avoid ripped jeans, athletic wear, or overly revealing clothing.

Etiquette : Respect the lounge environment. Be mindful of noise levels, avoid monopolizing seating, and dispose of your trash properly.

Maximize Your Benefits : Take advantage of all the lounge amenities, from complimentary food and drinks to Wi-Fi and business facilities.

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15 Make Money online apps to earn instant cash online in Uae

Remember, the perfect lounge access credit card is a personal choice.

Carefully consider your travel habits, budget, and desired benefits before making your decision. With the right credit card in hand, you can transform your airport experience from a stressful ordeal to a luxurious prelude to your journey.

Final not the last ,It is one’s individual choice to have lounge access credit cards according to their financial stabilty and other requirements,If you can avoid the extra expenditures which comes along with the credit cards then why not .

Use the free way and become smart and responsible for your travels.

We hope this guide will help you in any way and make a difference in your life as you travel through airports on big journey’s.

Until then,

Voila ! Stay safe and Healthy.

See you on the other side.

Disclaimer : This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult a qualified financial advisor for personalized guidance before applying for any credit card.Do your own research.


Frequently Asked Question (Faq’s)

How much do lounge access credit cards cost in the UAE ?

Annual fees vary depending on the card and its benefits. Expect anything from AED 315 for limited lounge access to AED 3,000 for unlimited access and premium perks like travel insurance and bonus miles.

Do all credit cards in UAE offer lounge access ?

No, not all credit cards in the UAE offer lounge access. Look for cards with partnerships with networks like Priority Pass, DragonPass, or LoungeKey, which grant access to hundreds of lounges worldwide.

What’s the cheapest way to get lounge access in UAE airports ?

Some mid-tier cards offer limited lounge access through networks like LoungeKey at lower annual fees, like the ADCB Travellers Card (AED 1,050) or the FAB Cashback Credit Card (AED 315). Consider your travel frequency and desired benefits before choosing a card.

Do I need to spend a certain amount to get lounge access with my credit card?

Some cards require minimum monthly or annual spending to maintain lounge access privileges. Check the card’s terms and conditions before applying.

Is it possible to get lounge access credit cards in Aed 5000 salary ?

Yes,if you are able to pay the annual fees of credit cards then you can have any.

How to get Credit card in Uae 2024 – All you need to know

how to get credit card in uae

Remember the days of haggling over ten dirhams at the souq, meticulously budgeting your samosas and shawarma ?

Those days are fading, replaced by the sleek tap of a plastic rectangle promising instant gratification (and maybe a few travel miles to boot).

Yes, we’re talking about credit cards, the coveted gateway to a world of financial freedom and, let’s be honest, some seriously tempting rewards.

But navigating the UAE’s credit card landscape can feel like trekking across the Rub’ al Khali – vast, confusing, and potentially scorching hot on your wallet.

Fear not, intrepid spenders !

This comprehensive guide is your trusty camel, leading you through the oases of eligibility, documents, charges, and benefits, all the way to a seamless credit card application in 2024.

So, tighten your kandura (or sundress, no judgment here), and get ready to unlock a world of financial possibilities, one swipe at a time.

Conquering Credit in the UAE : Your 2024 Guide to Getting a Credit Card

14 best credit cards in dubai uae for salary 5000

In the bustling financial hub of the UAE, having a credit card isn’t just convenient, it unlocks a world of benefits and rewards.

But navigating the application process can seem daunting. Fear not, savvy spenders ! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics to conquer credit in the UAE in 2024.

Credit Card Eligibility in UAE 2024

Before diving into applications, let’s check if you meet the basic criteria :

  • Age : Most banks require you to be at least 21 years old.
  • Salary : The minimum salary varies depending on the card, but generally ranges from AED 3,000 to AED 5,000.Some cards may have higher thresholds.
  • Employment : You must be a salaried employee or self-employed with a proven income source.
  • Residency : Holding a valid UAE residency visa is essential.
  • For Business Holders : Verified business owners with trade licenses under their name.

Documents required for Credit Card in UAE

  • Emirates ID : Your key to identification in the UAE.
  • Salary certificate or Proof of Income : Verifies your income and satisfies employer confirmation.
  • Bank statements : The past 3-6 months paint a picture of your financial stability.
  • Passport copy : For additional identification and residency verification.
  • Employment or Labour Contract (if applicable)
  • Other documents : Specific cards may require additional proofs like trade licenses for self-employed individuals.
  • Any other documents requested by the specific bank.

Credit Card Fees & Rates in UAE : What to Expect

how to apply credit card in dubai uae

Annual fee : Many cards charge an annual fee, ranging from AED 250 to AED 5,000 or more. Consider this when choosing a card.

Interest rate : This is the rate you’ll pay on unpaid balances. Look for cards with low APRs (Annual Percentage Rate) and avoid exceeding your credit limit.

Late payment fees : These can be hefty, so ensure you can make timely repayments.

Foreign transaction fees : If you use your card abroad, you may incur additional charges.


The UAE credit card scene is a treasure trove of perks! Here are some common benefits :

  • Cashback : Earn a percentage back on your spending, boosting your budget.
  • Travel miles : Accumulate miles for flights, upgrades, and hotel stays.
  • Lounge access : Relax and indulge in airport lounges before your next adventure.
  • Insurance : Enjoy complimentary travel insurance and purchase protection.
  • Discounts and offers : Unlock exclusive deals and partnerships with various brands.

Step-by-Step Process to get credit card in Uae | How to apply

Step 1 :Compare,Research and choose

Research different cards and compare their features, fees, and benefits. Use online comparison tools or consult financial advisors for personalized recommendations.

Step 2 : Pre-Qualify

Many banks offer online pre-qualification tools that give you an indication of your approval chances without impacting your credit score.

Step 3 : Gather all required Documents

Ensure you have all the required documents readily available.Check the list above and be ready before you apply.

Note : In case if you need salary certificate ,Ask from your HR.

Step 4 : Apply online or in person .Fill your Application Form.

 Most banks offer online application forms, making the process quick and convenient.
Alternatively, you can visit a bank branch and speak with a representative.

Step 5 : Review the details and submit your credit card application.

Carefully review the application form before submitting it for all the charges and other terms.. Double-check your information and ensure all documents are attached.

Step 6 : Wait for verification and approval via phone call

Banks typically take a few days to process applications. You’ll be notified via email or phone call about the decision.A bank representative will call you for verification .He will ask all the details and cross verify them with you over phone call.

Note : In case of rejection ,You will be notified of a reason and then you can apply again after you fulfill the criteria.

Step 7: Your credit card is approved and activate it .

Once approved, you’ll receive your credit card and activation instructions through email and welcome brochure with credit card manual.

7 Tips before applying Credit Card in Uae

Focus on building a good credit score : Maintain a healthy credit score by paying bills on time and keeping your credit utilization ratio low.

Choose a card with benefits you’ll use : Don’t get swayed by high rewards if they don’t align with your spending habits.

Read the fine print : Understand all fees, charges, and terms and conditions before signing up.

Use a budget and track your spending :  Avoid overspending and ensure you can afford your monthly payments.

Start with a low-limit card : If you’re new to credit, consider a card with a lower credit limit to build your credit history..

Don’t apply for too many cards at once : Multiple applications within a short period can negatively impact your credit score.

Responsible use : Use your credit card responsibly by paying your bills on time, keeping your spending within limits, and avoiding unnecessary debt.

With this roadmap in hand, conquer the UAE’s credit card landscape and unlock a world of financial flexibility and rewarding experiences. Remember, responsible credit usage is key to making the most of this powerful tool. So, spend smart, reap the rewards, and enjoy the financial freedom that comes with using a credit card wisely in the UAE!

I hope this detailed blog post provides you with valuable information and helps you navigate the process of getting a credit card in the UAE in 2024.

Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions on ask@dxbify.com.

Until then,

Stay Safe and Healthy.

See you on the other side.

Disclaimer : This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult a qualified financial advisor for personalized guidance before applying for any credit card.


How to get Business loan in Uae 2024-Application process,eligibility,documents,interest rates

how to get business loan in uae

A detailed step by step guide on how to get business loan in Uae with eligibility,Documents required ,interest rate,Loan tenure,interest tenure and everything you need to know about business loan in uae.

So, you’ve got a killer business idea buzzing in your head, ready to take Dubai (or maybe the whole Emirate!) by storm.

But, like any good superhero, even the most incredible ventures need a little financial fuel to truly ignite.

That’s where the mighty business loans in UAE comes in, your trusty steed on the journey to entrepreneurial glory.

But hold on, before you saddle up and charge into the nearest bank, let’s navigate this loan landscape with a clear head and a well-equipped backpack.

This guide will help you answering all your questions regarding business loan eligibility in uae ,documents,interest rates ,etc.You name it we will answer it.

Securing a business loan in the UAE can be your launchpad to success, and this guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the process like a pro.

Lets start with ease then.

Eligibility for business loan in UAE

Before you start applying, check if you tick the boxes for loan-worthiness. Most banks in the UAE have similar criteria, but it’s always good to double-check with your chosen lender. Here’s a general rundown:

Financial Health : A healthy track record of profitability and positive cash flow is key.

Nationality : Some banks have specific requirements for UAE nationals vs. expats.

Business Type : Most banks lend to established businesses (usually operating for at least 2 years) across various sectors like trading, manufacturing, and services. Some cater to startups and specific industries, so explore your options.

Registered companies, sole proprietorships, and free zone entities are generally welcome.

Credit Score : A squeaky-clean credit history for both the business and its owners is a big bonus. Check your credit report and address any issues before applying.

Collateral : Secured loans often require collateral like property or equipment. This strengthens your application and potentially lowers interest rates.

Document Required for business loan in UAE

Business Registration Documents : Trade license, Memorandum of Association, and other legal documents.

Trade license, incorporation documents, bank statements (at least 6 months, the more the merrier!), and audited financial statements for established businesses. Think of it as assembling your business armor.

Financial Statements : Bank statements, audited reports, and tax returns.

Business Plan : A detailed roadmap showcasing your business goals, strategies, and financial projections.

Identity Documents :  Passports, Emirates IDs, and visas for all owners and partners. National ID, passport, residence visa – the usual identity parade for any financial adventure.

Collateral Cavalry (Optional): If you’re offering up property as security, get those deeds ready to join the party ! Property deeds,equipement invoices,etc.

Uae Business loan Interest Rates and Tenure Ranges:

Interest rates for business loans in the UAE typically range from 5% to 12% per annum, depending on the loan type, tenure, and your creditworthiness.

Loan tenures can range from 1 to 10 years, again depending on the type of loan and your business profile.

How to Apply Business Loan in UAE | step by step process for business loan application in Uae

7 steps to get business loan in Uae are as follows :

Step 1 : check your Eligibility for business loan

Before diving headfirst into applications, let’s see if you tick the eligibility boxes. Most banks in the UAE require :

Registered Business : Your business must be officially registered in the UAE, whether it’s a mainland company, a free zone entity, or a sole proprietorship.
Profitable Track Record : Established businesses with a minimum of two years of operation and a healthy profit margin stand a better chance. Startups might need additional collateral or guarantors.
Minimum Turnover : Banks often have minimum annual turnover requirements, typically ranging from AED 2 million to AED 5 million.
Good Credit Score : Maintaining a good credit history for your business and individual partners boosts your chances significantly.

Step 2 : Collect your Documents and be ready

Now, let’s gather the documents that will act as your business’s financial armor :
Business Registration Documents : Trade license, Memorandum of Association (MOA), and other legal papers.
Financial Statements
Bank Statements
Tax Returns: Copies of your latest tax returns.
Personal Documents

Note : Documents might change from bank to bank but general documents are same everywhere in UAE.

Step 3 : Submit your application to banks.

With your documents in hand, it’s time to approach the financial banks. You can apply directly to banks, or consider online loan aggregators for a wider range of options. Here’s the drill :

Step 3: choose your Loan type

With your documents prepped, it’s time to choose your loan type. Here’s a quick rundown of the popular options :

Term Loan: A fixed amount repaid over a set period, ideal for long-term investments
Line of Credit:  A flexible credit line you can draw upon as needed, perfect for working capital.
Trade Finance : Facilitates international trade by financing imports and exports.
Asset-Based Loan : Secured by your business assets, offering lower interest rates.

Choose your loan type according to your needs of the business and assess the situation accordingly.

Step 4 : Research,compare and Analayse the loans

In this you will carefully research different loan providers in uae like ADCB,ADIB,ENBD,DIB,ETC.

With your documents ready, it’s time to choose your lending champion. Research different banks and compare their loan offerings, interest rates, processing fees, and repayment terms. Don’t be shy to negotiate!

Step 5 : Submit your application to banks.

Fill out the application form with laser focus, ensuring all information is accurate and complete. Attach your superhero document pack and submit it to your chosen bank. Remember, a well-prepared application is like a well-oiled business – smooth and efficient !

Read the fine documents and terms and conditions before submitting.

Step 6 : Approval and care

If your application passes the bank’s scrutiny, congratulations! You’ve unlocked the loan vault. Now, carefully review the loan agreement, understand the terms and conditions, and sign on the dotted line. Remember, with great loan power comes great responsibility – use it wisely to fuel your business growth !

Step 7: Careful review of the business loan terms

Once your application is approved, pay close attention to the loan terms :
Interest Rates: Range from 5% to 12% depending on your creditworthiness and loan type.
Tenure: Typically 1-5 years for term loans, and ongoing for lines of credit.
Fees: Processing fees, early settlement charges, and other associated costs.

Bonus Tips for Loan Success in UAE :

Spend Wisely : Use the loan funds solely for the intended purpose outlined in your business plan.

Repayment Plan : Stick to your repayment schedule diligently to maintain a good credit history.

Network and Build Relationships: Building relationships with bankers and financial institutions can go a long way in securing favorable loan terms.

Growth Mindset : Use the loan as a springboard to propel your business to new heights, but don’t over-leverage yourself.

Seek Professional Advice: Consider consulting a financial advisor or business consultant to navigate the loan application process and choose the right financing options.

Stay Updated: Keep yourself informed about the latest loan products and regulations in the UAE.

Shop Around : Compare different banks and loan options to find the best deal.

Negotiate : Don’t be afraid to negotiate interest rates and fees.

Maintain Good Credit : A good credit score can unlock better loan terms.

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Remember : Getting a business loan in the UAE is not a walk in the park, but with careful planning, thorough preparation, and a bit of perseverance, you can turn your financial dreams into reality. So, go forth, brave entrepreneur, and conquer the cash crunch!

With this guide and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, you’re well on your way to conquering the cash climb and securing the perfect business loan to launch your UAE venture to stratospheric heights.

Remember, securing a business loan in the UAE is an achievable feat with the right knowledge and preparation.

So, arm yourself with this guide, channel your inner loan-seeking warrior, and watch your business soar to new heights !

Now, go forth and

Remember, this is just a general guide, and specific requirements and terms may vary between banks. Always conduct your own research and consult with financial professionals before making any loan decisions.We are not responsible for your decisions.


25 Money mistakes to avoid in Uae 2024 | Financial mistakes

25 money mistakes to avoid in uae

Sun-drenched beaches, glittering skyscrapers, and a pulse that never sleeps – the UAE, and Dubai in particular, paints a picture of gilded dreams. But beneath the polished facade, a financial quicksand can pull unsuspecting expats under. Yes, the possibilities seem endless, but so do the ways to drain your bank account faster than a camel crossing the Sahara.

Remember Sarah ?

Fresh out of uni, she landed her dream job in Dubai, a salary that looked like Monopoly money, and an apartment with a balcony view that rivaled the Burj Khalifa.

Two years later, she was back home, tail between her legs, credit cards maxed, and dreams evaporated faster than a cold falafel on Jumeirah Beach.

Sarah, my friends, is a cautionary tale, a living, breathing example of how easily financial paradise can turn into purgatory.

But fear not, dear reader !

Fear, you see, is the currency of scammers, not savvy expats.

To navigate the Dubai financial maze, you need a roadmap, a compass, and maybe a dash of financial ninja training. So, grab a Karak chai, settle into that plush majlis sofa, and let’s dissect 25 financial mistakes to avoid in UAE.

25 Money Mistakes people do in Uae

Mistake #1. Blinded by Bling :

The shiny car, the designer handbag, the weekend trip to the Maldives – these are sirens, luring you into debt with their seductive whispers of “luxury.”

Remember, Sarah’s balcony view didn’t pay her bills. Prioritize needs over wants, and resist the urge to keep up with the Burj Al Arab.

Mistake #2. Mall Rat Mirage:

Dubai is a retail wonderland, but every swipe of your card is a brick in your financial prison. Challenge yourself to “mall-free” days, explore hidden souqs, and learn the art of haggling. Remember, the best souvenirs are memories, not designer labels.

Mistake #3. Dining Delusion:

Eating out is a cultural norm, but restaurant bills can quickly eat away at your savings. Unleash your inner chef, whip up some home-cooked magic, and invite your friends over for potlucks.

Sharing a meal is more fun than a five-star feast anyway.

Mistake # 4. “Free Money” Fiasco:

“Free” brunches, “complimentary” upgrades, and “limited-time” offers – these are all traps set to ensnare impulsive spenders. Remember, there’s no such thing as free money, just cleverly disguised marketing ploys.

Mistake #5. Credit Card Catastrophe:

Easy credit is tempting, but those plastic rectangles are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Use them responsibly, pay off balances every month, and avoid the interest rate abyss like the plague.

Mistake #6. Hidden Fees Horror:

Bank charges, utility surcharges, gym membership add-ons – these seemingly insignificant fees can add up like sand in your shoes. Read the fine print, negotiate where possible, and become a master of budgeting every dirham.

Mistake #7. “I’ll Save Later” Lie:

Procrastination is the thief of financial security. Don’t wait for “next month” to start saving. Automate transfers, invest a portion of your salary, and treat your future self like a VIP guest at your financial party.

Mistake #8. The “Everyone’s Doing It” Fallacy:

Don’t let peer pressure dictate your spending. You don’t need a yacht just because your neighbor has one. Focus on your own financial goals, not the Joneses’s sandcastle on the beach.

Mistake #9. “It’s Only Temporary” Trap:

Borrowing for “just a few months” can easily snowball into a mountain of debt. Treat borrowing like a nuclear weapon – only use it as a last resort, with extreme caution.

Mistake #10. Investment Illiteracy Illusion:

Don’t jump into the investment pool without learning how to swim. Research, seek advice, and understand the risks before diving into stocks, forex, or the latest crypto craze. Remember, your hard-earned dirhams deserve respect, not reckless gambling.

Mistake #11. Visa Vortex:

Losing your job or visa can leave you financially stranded. Have a backup plan, build an emergency fund, and make sure your legal residency is secure before your dreams turn into dust.

Mistake #12. Insurance Indifference:

Medical emergencies, car accidents, and unforeseen disasters can happen to anyone. Don’t be caught off guard. Get adequate insurance, from health to car to travel, and sleep soundly knowing you’re covered.

Mistake #13. “I Can Do It All” Delusion:

Outsourcing chores and errands might seem extravagant, but it can save you time, money, and sanity. Delegate tasks like laundry, car washes, or even home cleaning to free up

Mistake #14. “Staycation” Snooze:

Dubai might scream “glamour and adventure,” but exploring your own backyard can be surprisingly rewarding. Check out hidden gems, museums, local parks, and free public events. Your wallet and your soul will thank you.

Mistake #15. “Just One More” Gamble:

One flutter on the roulette wheel, one extra round at the poker table, “just one more” can quickly turn into a financial sinkhole. Know your limits, stick to your budget, and leave the casino with money still in your pocket.

Mistake #16. Education Eclipse:

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Utilize Dubai’s diverse educational opportunities, from professional courses to language classes. Remember, knowledge is power, and power in this case translates to earning potential.

Mistake #17. “I’ll Figure It Out Later” Fumble:

Taxes, insurance renewals, visa paperwork – procrastination can turn these into ticking time bombs. Stay organized, set reminders, and handle important paperwork promptly. Avoid last-minute scrambles and costly fines.

Mistake #18. “Free Wi-Fi” Foolishness:

Public Wi-Fi might seem like a freebie, but it’s a prime target for hackers. Use a VPN for secure connections, especially when banking or accessing sensitive information. Remember, digital safety is more valuable than a few dirhams saved on data.

Mistake #19. “Expat Bubble” Blind Spot:

Living in an expat bubble can distort your financial reality. Don’t get caught up in a spending culture not reflective of local wages. Remember, your financial goals should be based on your own reality, not Dubai’s gilded facade.

Mistake #20. “Bargain Basement” Bonanza:

While Dubai boasts incredible deals, remember, cheap doesn’t always equal good. Prioritize quality over quantity, invest in durable items, and avoid impulse purchases that add clutter to your life and dent your wallet.

Mistake #21. “Cash is King” Conundrum:

Relying solely on cash can be inconvenient and risky. Embrace online banking, utilize secure mobile wallets, and make responsible credit card usage a part of your financial toolkit. Remember, financial flexibility is key.

Mistake #22. “Gift Giving Gauntlet”:

The culture of lavish gifting in Dubai can be overwhelming. Set sensible limits, opt for meaningful experiences or handmade gifts, and don’t let social pressure drain your resources. Remember, genuine connections don’t require extravagant displays.

Mistake #23. “Vacation Vortex” :

Dubai is a gateway to exotic destinations, but constant travel can deplete your savings. Plan your trips, create realistic travel budgets, and prioritize exploring local wonders before jetting off every weekend. Remember, wanderlust shouldn’t lead to financial wanderlust.

Mistake #24. “Side Hustle” Sizzle:

While side hustles can be lucrative, don’t underestimate the time and effort involved. Choose your ventures wisely, ensure they don’t interfere with your main job, and avoid falling prey to unrealistic promises of quick riches. Remember, sustainable income is better than a fleeting financial flash.

Mistake #25. “I Have It All” Illusion:

The greatest financial mistake is forgetting that happiness and fulfillment don’t come with a price tag. Embrace experiences, cultivate relationships, and enjoy the simple pleasures Dubai offers. Remember, true wealth lies not in possessions, but in living a rich and meaningful life.

By dodging these financial follies, you can navigate the Dubai mirage and build a secure, fulfilling life in this vibrant city. Remember, financial prudence is not about deprivation, but about conscious choices and smart planning. So, grab that Karak chai, put your financial ninja skills to the test, and conquer the Dubai maze – one wise decision at a time.

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15 Lottery Tickets/Lucky draws in dubai | Millionaire in UAE

15 Loan apps in Uae to get instant cash online

By avoiding the 25 follies we’ve explored, you can transform the Dubai mirage into a sustainable oasis. Prioritize experience over extravagance, invest in your future, and remember that true wealth lies in the connections you forge and the memories you create.

So, shed the impulse-driven spender within, embrace your inner financial ninja, and conquer the Dubai maze, one dirham at a time. You’ll be richer for it, not just in the bank, but in the life you build under the desert sun.

Remember, Dubai is a playground, not a casino. Play smart, invest wisely, and let your financial savvy be your ultimate souvenir from this land of dazzling dreams.

Until next time, dear reader, may your desert journey be financially secure !

13 Best Personal loans for expats with low income in uae 2024

best personal loans for expats with low income in uae

Living in the vibrant UAE as an expat offers adventure and opportunity, but financial hurdles can arise, especially for low-income earners.

When unexpected expenses hit, a personal loan might seem like the answer. But navigating the loan landscape in the UAE with a limited salary can be tricky.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to personal loans for expats with low income in the UAE, highlighting 13 viable options from reputable banks, outlining their features, eligibility criteria,interest rate,minimum salary required,tenure amount,amount sanctioned and required documents.

Important Note : While most banks set a minimum salary requirement of AED 5,000 for regular personal loans, some options cater to lower income brackets. However, borrowing responsibly is crucial. Carefully assess your situation and only consider a loan if absolutely necessary.

General Eligibility for personal loan in Uae :

Minimum age: 21 years

Minimum salary: AED 3,000 – 5,000 (varies by bank)

Employment contract: Valid for at least 6 months

Residency visa: Valid and sponsored by your employer

Credit score : Good standing (varies by bank)

Required Documents for personal loan in Uae:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Residence visa copy
  3. Employment contract copy
  4. Salary certificate
  5. Bank statements (latest 3-6 months)

Note : Documents might vary according to the need of different credit provider/banks ,etc.Please check before applying for loan.

If you’re an expat in the UAE facing such a situation, seeking a personal loan might seem like the only solution. But before you dive in, understanding the landscape is crucial.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to personal loans for expats with low income in the UAE, highlighting 11 options from various banks, their eligibility requirements, interest rates, and other key features:

13 Personal loans Banks for expats with low income in UAE 2024

1. Mashreq Personal Loan for Expats:

Minimum Salary : AED 3,500

Loan Amount : Up to AED 20,000

Interest Rate: 1.79% per month (reducing balance)

Tenure : 6 to 12 months

Features : No salary transfer required, quick approval process, flexible repayment options.

2. RAKBANK Salary Advance :

Minimum Salary : AED 3,000

Loan Amount : Up to 1 month’s salary

Interest Rate : 1.5% per month (reducing balance)

Tenure : Up to 1 month

Features : Fast and convenient, ideal for short-term needs, available through salary account.

3. Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan – Amanah:

Minimum Salary : AED 4,000

Loan Amount : Up to AED 50,000

Interest Rate : 2.15% per month (reducing balance)

Tenure : Up to 48 months

Features : Sharia-compliant, flexible repayment options, low processing fees.

4. ADIB Personal Loan – Salary Plus :

Minimum Salary : AED 5,000

Loan Amount : Up to 3 months’ salary

Interest Rate : Competitive rates based on salary and credit score

Tenure:  Up to 3 months

Features : Fast approvals, convenient top-ups, salary transfer not mandatory.

5. Emirates NBD Personal Loan:

Minimum Salary: AED 5,000

Loan Amount : Up to AED 400,000

Interest Rate : Competitive rates based on salary and credit score

Tenure: Up to 48 months

Features : Flexible repayment options, loyalty program benefits, salary transfer required.

6. Sharjah Islamic Bank Personal Loan – Tamayuz :

Minimum Salary : AED 5,000

Loan Amount : Up to AED 200,000

Interest Rate : Competitive rates based on salary and credit score

Tenure : Up to 48 months

Features:  Sharia-compliant, flexible repayment options, attractive benefits for new customers.

7. Standard Chartered Personal Loan:

Minimum Salary: AED 5,000

Loan Amount: Up to AED 400,000

Interest Rate: Competitive rates based on salary and credit score

Tenure: Up to 60 months

Features: Quick online application, travel insurance options, salary transfer required.

8. FAB Lifeline Revolving Overdraft:

Minimum Salary: AED 2,000

Loan Amount: Up to AED 20,000

Interest Rate: 1.45% per month (reducing balance)

Tenure: Continuous revolving credit facility

Features: No salary transfer required, good for ongoing expenses, lower limit compared to loans.

9. CBD Personal Loan – Fast Track:

Minimum Salary: AED 5,000

Loan Amount: Up to AED 150,000

Interest Rate: Competitive rates based on salary and credit score

Tenure : Up to 48 months

Features: Fast approvals, salary transfer not mandatory, good for urgent needs.

10. Al Hilal Bank Personal Loan:

Amount: Up to AED 20,000

Interest: 2.49% – 5.99% per month (reducing rate)

Features: Fast approval, no salary transfer required, flexible repayment term (12-48 months).

11. Ajman Bank Personal Loan:

Amount: Up to AED 20,000

Interest: 2.49% – 5.99% per month (reducing rate)

Features: Sharia-compliant, flexible repayment

12. Noor Bank Personal Loan for Expats:

Amount: Up to AED 20,000

Interest: 2.49% – 5.99% per month (reducing rate)

Features: Flexible repayment term (12-48 months), life insurance included, no salary transfer required.

13. HSBC Personal Loan :

Minimum Salary: AED 3,000

Loan Amount: Up to 4 months’ salary

Interest Rate: 1.99% per month

Features: Competitive rates, flexible repayment options.

Documents: Salary certificate, passport copy, Emirates ID copy.

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Before you apply for personal loan in Uae :

Assess your needs : Be clear about the specific purpose and amount you require. Don’t borrow more than you can comfortably manage.

Check your credit score: A good credit score can secure lower interest rates. Consider improving it before applying.

Compare and negotiate: Don’t settle for the first offer. Compare rates and terms across different banks and negotiate for better deals.

Read the fine print: Understand all fees, charges, and early repayment penalties before signing on the dotted line.

Seek financial advice: If unsure, consult a financial advisor who can guide you through the process and ensure you make an informed decision.

Remember, borrowing should be a last resort. Explore alternative solutions like budgeting, saving, or seeking financial support from friends or family. Borrowing responsibly will help you navigate any financial hurdles and ensure you thrive in the vibrant UAE.

With so many options available, finding the right personal loan for your situation as an expat with a low income in the UAE is within reach.

Remember, carefully compare features, interest rates, and eligibility requirements before making your choice. Prioritize reputable banks with transparent terms and conditions.

We hope this comprehensive guide empowers you to make informed decisions about personal loans in the UAE. Now go forth and explore your options with confidence !

Frequently Asked questions (Faq’s)

Can I get a personal loan in the UAE if I have a low income ?

Yes, there are a number of personal loan options available for expats with low income in the UAE. Some banks offer loans with minimum salaries as low as AED 2,000. However, it is important to remember that borrowing money should always be a last resort and you should only borrow what you can afford to repay .

What documents do I need to apply for a personal loan in the UAE ?

The documents you will need to apply for a personal loan in the UAE will vary depending on the bank. However, most banks will require you to provide the following :
-A copy of your passport
-A copy of your Emirates ID
-Your salary certificate
-Proof of your address

What is the interest rate on personal loans in the UAE ?

The interest rate on personal loans in the UAE will vary depending on the bank, the loan amount, and your credit score. However, you can expect to pay an interest rate of between 1% and 2% per month.

What is the repayment term for personal loans in the UAE ?

The repayment term for personal loans in the UAE will vary depending on the bank and the loan amount. However, you can expect to repay your loan over a period of between 12 and 60 months.

What are the risks of taking out a personal loan in the UAE ?

Before applying for a personal loan, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. These include:
-Risk of getting into debt that you cannot afford to repay
-Risk of damaging your credit score if you miss payments
-Risk of being charged high interest rates and fees

How to invest in Dubai Property with low budget

how to invest in dubai property with low budget

Investing in UAE : Here,we will discuss on how to invest in dubai property with low budget portfolio with step by step procedure to attain real estate in UAE.

Dubai. Glittering skyscrapers, desert adventures, and a thriving economy.

It’s a city that screams luxury, but what if I told you even budget-conscious dreamers can own a piece of it ?

Low Budget Property Investment in dubai isn’t just a mirage; it’s a reality with the right approach.

So, grab your sunblock and let’s explore!

Complete step By step guide to Invest in Dubai Property with Less Money (Low Budget)

8 steps guide to invest in Dubai Property with low budget or less money as follows :

Step 1: Define Your “Low” Budget & Set with detailed specifications .

Before diving in, understand what “low” means for you. Is it AED 200,000 or AED 500,000? Knowing your limit helps navigate the vast Dubai property landscape.
Think of your budget as your trusty camel in the desert – don’t overload it. Be realistic about your savings and consider all hidden costs like registration fees, service charges, and potential renovations. Aim for a property that leaves you breathing room, not gasping for air.

Step 2: Research,Compare & Target Affordable Areas through online platforms

Dubai isn’t just beaches and Burj Khalifas. Venture beyond the glitz and explore up-and-coming areas like Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), or International City. These areas offer modern apartments and studios at much friendlier prices, often with good rental yields.
After setting price standards for yourself ,You can start reserching ,comparing the prices on online platform like Bayut properties,property finder,dubizzle ,etc.
This will give you idea about the market rates for particular location.

Step 3 : Off -Plan or Ready made ,choose One after considering your risks.

Buying property before it’s built, aka “off-plan,” can be cheaper. Developers often offer attractive payment plans and discounts, making your budget stretch further.
Off-plan : Pre-construction properties offer attractive discounts, perfect for long-term investors. Just be prepared for potential delays and developer risk.
Ready-made : Move in, rent out, and reap the rewards ASAP. These come at a premium, but offer immediate income and tangible ownership.
However, be cautious: choose established developers with proven track records.

Step 4: Utilise Fractional Ownership with new platforms available.

Think “sharing is caring.” Platforms like SmartCrowd ,Stake,etc. allow you to co-own a property with others, lowering the entry barrier significantly. Imagine owning a piece of a beachfront apartment for a fraction of the price!

Step 5 : Now decide your financing options/Mortgages and Get ready.

Mortgages can be your best friend. Research loan options from UAE banks, considering factors like
-Interest rates
-Repayment terms
-Loan to value ratios
-Hidden fees & Many More.

A financial advisor can help navigate the mortgage maze.

Unless you’re Aladdin with a magic lamp, financing is likely your chariot to property ownership. Compare mortgage options from various banks, considering interest rates, loan-to-value ratios, and hidden fees. Remember, a pre-approved mortgage can give you an edge in negotiations.

Step 6: Seek the Licensed/experienced Expert Guidance

Don’t navigate the desert alone ! Partner with a reputable real estate agent who understands the Dubai market and your budget constraints. They can unearth hidden gems, negotiate deals, and guide you through the legal process.

A good real estate agent can be your oasis of knowledge. They’ll understand your budget, recommend suitable areas, and negotiate the best deals. Choose someone licensed, experienced, and preferably speaking your language.

Step 7 : Befriend the Numbers : Budget, Research, and Repeat

Investing in any property, even with a low budget, requires careful planning. Research property prices, rental yields, and potential costs like maintenance and service charges.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Compare different options, crunch the numbers, and create a realistic budget. Remember, knowledge is power, and a well-informed investor is a confident one.

Step 8 : Be Patient and Realistic

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your Dubai property portfolio. Be patient, do your research, and avoid impulsive decisions. Remember, investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Remember, investing in Dubai real estate, even on a budget, is a marathon, not a desert sprint. Approach it with realistic expectations, smart planning, and a touch of adventurous spirit. And who knows, your Dubai dream palace might just rise from the sandy horizon, gleaming under the Arabian sun.

Points to Remember while buying property in dubai

  1. Low budget doesn’t mean low returns. With the right approach, you can still achieve your investment goals in Dubai.

2. Think outside the box. Explore alternative options like off-plan purchases or fractional ownership.

3. Do your research and seek expert advice. Knowledge is your best weapon in the property game.

So, are you ready to embark on your Dubai property adventure ?

Bonus Tip

1.Seek Expert Guidance.

2. Patience is your compass! Dubai’s property market is dynamic. Don’t rush into the first shiny mirage. Do your research, compare options, and wait for the right opportunity to bloom.

3. Think beyond apartments. Consider studios or townhouses for better rental yields.

4. Factor in maintenance fees. They can add up, so choose properties with manageable costs.

5. Rent it out! Dubai has a thriving rental market. Maximize your investment by finding reliable tenants.

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With a bit of planning, research, and a dash of desert spirit, you can conquer the market and make your investment dreams a reality. Now go forth, explore, and remember, even in the land of luxury, there’s always a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Always consult with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

How much do I really need to invest ?

It depends! Budget around 10-20% of your property price for upfront costs like registration fees, down payments, and agency fees. Aim for a property that leaves room for monthly maintenance and potential renovations without straining your finances.

Are off-plan properties risky for budget investors ?

Yes, there’s a higher risk with off-plan purchases. Construction delays and developer issues can happen. However, the potential discounts can be significant, especially in up-and-coming areas. Weigh the risks and rewards carefully before diving in.

What are some good budget-friendly areas in Dubai ?

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), International City, and Dubailand offer modern apartments and studios at attractive prices. They also have good rental potential, making them ideal for buy-to-let investors.

Can I get a mortgage with a limited budget ?

Absolutely! Many banks in Dubai offer mortgage options for budget-conscious investors. Compare interest rates, loan-to-value ratios, and hidden fees before choosing your loan provider. Getting pre-approved can give you an edge in negotiations.

What are some hidden costs I should be aware of ?

Don’t forget about maintenance! Budget for potential repairs, service charges, and utility bills. Factor these into your rental calculations to avoid financial surprises down the road.

10 Emergency Cash Loan options in Uae 2024 Updated

10 emergency cash loan options available in uae

A detailed description on 10 cash loan options in Uae 2024 with eligibility ,documents required,amount given,important points to be considered and everything you need to know about loans in UAE.

Life throws curveballs, and sometimes, a financial one can hit you hard. In the bustling UAE, where dreams take flight but expenses can soar, unexpected situations can leave you scrambling for immediate cash. But fear not, fellow residents! This guide unveils 15 urgent cash loan options available in the UAE, helping you navigate your way through temporary financial hurdles.

It seems easy to avail the free loans without any hurdle,however,it is our responsibility to remember the below points :

  • Borrow responsibly: Only borrow what you need and can comfortably repay.
  • Compare and contrast: Research different lenders and loan terms to find the best fit.
  • Read the fine print: Understand interest rates, fees, and repayment schedules before signing.

10 Emergency Loan Options available in UAE

1. Salary Advance

  • Eligibility: Employed in the UAE with a stable income.
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements.
  • Amount: Up to one month’s salary.
  • Points to note: Typically offered by employers, interest rates may be lower than traditional loans.

2. Personal Loans

  • Eligibility: Varied, usually requires a minimum salary and good credit history.
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements, Emirates ID.
  • Amount: Varies, typically AED 5,000 – AED 200,000.
  • Points to note: Interest rates can be higher than salary advances, repayment periods longer.

3. Credit Cards

  • Eligibility: Good credit history and income.
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements, Emirates ID.
  • Amount: Varies depending on credit limit.
  • Points to note: High interest rates on unpaid balances, consider cash advance fees.

4. Pawnbroking

  • Eligibility: Owning valuable assets.
  • Documents: Emirates ID, ownership proof of asset.
  • Amount: Up to 70% of asset value.
  • Points to note: Interest rates can be high, risk of losing asset if loan not repaid.

5. Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms

  • Eligibility: Varied, depends on platform and creditworthiness.
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements, Emirates ID.
  • Amount: Varies, typically AED 1,000 – AED 50,000.
  • Points to note: Interest rates may be lower than traditional loans, but platform fees apply.

6. Online Loan Apps

  • Eligibility: Varied, some require minimum salary and good credit history.
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements, Emirates ID.
  • Amount: Varies, typically AED 1,000 – AED 20,000.
  • Points to note: Convenient and quick, but interest rates can be high, check for hidden fees.

7. Salary Deduction Loans

  • Eligibility: Employed in the UAE with a stable income.
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements, Emirates ID.
  • Amount: Up to one month’s salary.
  • Points to note: Repayment deducted directly from salary, convenient but limited amount.

8. Government Loan Programs

  • Eligibility: Varied, depends on specific program and target audience.
  • Documents: Varied, depends on program requirements.
  • Amount: Varies, depends on program and individual circumstances.
  • Points to note: Lower interest rates and flexible repayment options, strict eligibility criteria.

9. Family and Friends

  • Eligibility: Mutual trust and understanding.
  • Documents: No formal documents required.
  • Amount: Varies, based on personal agreement.
  • Points to note: Clear communication and repayment plan crucial, maintain strong relationships.

10. Sharia-compliant Loans

  • Eligibility: Varied, depends on specific product and lender requirements
  • Documents: Salary certificate, bank statements, Emirates ID.
  • Amount: Varies, typically follows Islamic financing principles.
  • Points to note: Adhere to Sharia-compliant terms, compare options for competitive rates.

Ultimately, financial difficulties are temporary. By choosing the right urgent cash loan option and managing your finances responsibly, you can navigate through challenging times and emerge stronger.

Bonus Tip

Consider debt consolidation if you have multiple loans with high interest rates. This can simplify your repayment process and potentially save you money in the long run.

I hope this guide empowers you to make informed decisions and find the right emergency cash loan solution in the UAE. Remember, borrowing is key.

Disclaimer : Above information is for education and information purposes only,It should be taken as investment opportunity.We are not registered financial advisor nor provide any financial advises.Always conduct thorough research before committing to any loan agreement.We are not responsible for your actions.