Top 10 Dubai Police Super Cars Uae 2024

top 10 dubai police super cars in uae 2022

Top 10 Dubai Police Super Cars Uae 2024 list with prices,popularity and pictures,Top 10 cars owned by Dubai police in UAE 2024

Dubai Police,who is very much popular to keep the super luxury cars for patroling in Dubai ,UAE.They have acquired some of the expensive cars in the world which inlcudes aston martin,bentley,ferrari and etc.There top notch speed has taken the city on viral mode.Today we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Dubai police super luxury cars 2024 rated according to their prices and popularity.

Lets roll down the list below for Top 10 luxurious Dubai Police Super Cars UAE 2024 below :

Top 10 Dubai Police Cars Uae 2024

Aston Martin One

Aston martin one 77 dubai police car
Aston Martin One dubai police car

This Ultimate Car stunning design has fusion technology with two door two seater flagship car manufactured By Aston Martin.One of the luxurious costliest cars in the world.

Engine : 7.3 L AM Cosworth V12

Transmission: 6-speed Graziano

Production : 2009–2012

Model years : 2009–2012

Price : $ 1.4 Million Dollar

Buggatti Veyron

Buggati veyron dubai police car
Buggatti Veyron Dubai police car

The first and only Supercar devloped to capture the driving scenario at any given point.This vehicle sets the standards in the market for Bugatti for modern automatives.Devloped in germany by Volkswagen group and Bugatti.

Engine : 8.0 L (488 cu in)

Power output : Standard (Coupé)

Production : 2005–2015

Kerb weight : 1,838–1,990 kg

Price : $ 1.2 Million Dollar

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Lamborghini Aventador

Lambhorgini aventador dubai police car
Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police car

Lamborghini Aventador Dubai police car is super luxurious ports cars built with highest quality and cutting edge technology.Produced by Italian popular Manufacturer Lamborghini.

Production : February 2011 – September 2022

Curb weight : 1,575 kg (3,472 lb) LP 700-4

Engine : 6.5 L L539 V12

Power output : 515 kW (700 PS; 690 hp)

Price : $ 400000 Dollar

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley bentaya dubai polic car
Bentley Bentayga Dubai Police car

Bentley Bentayga ,a modern luxurious craftmanship SUV car manufactured by Bentley Motors with unique features ,amazing performance and compatibility.

Engine : Petrol : 4.0 L twin-turbo V8

Hybrid drivetrain : Plug in Hybrid (PHEV)‎

Platform : Volkswagen Group MLB

Electric motor : 94 kW (126 hp; 128 PS) 

Price : $ 300000

Brabus G-Wager

brabus g wagen dubai police car
Brabus G-Wager Dubai Police Car

Brabus G-wager is Specially designed vehicle in the shape of JEEP to give more versatile looks for the royals.

Price : $ 275000

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

mercedes benz sls amg dubai police car
Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Dubai POLICE car

The MercedesBenz SLS AMG ,popular sports car made by Mercedes and quite oftenly seen in Dubai .

Engine : 6.2 L M159 DOHC V8

Model years : 2010–2015

Production : January 2010–2014

Class : Grand Tourer

Price : $ 200000

Ferrari FF

ferrari ff dubai police car
Ferrari FF Dubai police car

The Ferrari FF is uniquley designed sports car which represents FF meaning “Ferrari Four”, for four seats and four-wheel drive.

Engine : 6.3 L F140 EB V12

Transmission : 7-speed dual-clutch

Production : February 2011–2016

Kerb weight : 1,880 kg (4,145 lb)

Price : $ 160000


bmw i8 dubai police car
BMW I8 Dubai police car

The BMW i8, plug-in hybrid sports car with many unique combinations of coupé or roadster, sports car and fast speed.

Electric range : 37 km (23 mi)

Engine : B38K15T0 1.5L turbocharged I3 engine

Electric motor : 98 kW (131 hp)

Range : 500 km (311 mi) in Comfort mode .

Price : $ 147000


audi r8s dubai police car
AUDI R8 S Dubai police car

Audi’s R8 2 seater supercar with a howling V-10 engine is one of the unique car manufactured by AUDI.

Model years : 2007–present

Body style : 2-door coupé; 2-door convertible

Production : 2006–present

Class : Sports car

Price : $ 142000

W Motors Ghiatt

w motors ghiatt smart petrol dubai police car
W Motors Ghiatt dubai Police car

This particula rvehicle is been liked by Dubai King HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum to meet the Police damnds for the market .It is uniquely designed in UAE for the policing mobility vehicles.Special Force vehicle designed by W MOTORS in UAE.

Price : AED 12,488,880

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