Top 10 RTA Metro Dubai fines Reasons with amount

Top 10 RTA Metro Dubai fines Reasons with amount Uae,Top 10 Dubai Metro fines in UAE,list of Dubai metro fines with amount/cost

Top 10 RTA Metro Dubai fines Reasons with amount Uae,Top 10 Dubai Metro fines in UAE,list of Dubai metro fines with amount/cost.

When it comes to get fined by authorities no one in this world likes that but what to do sometimes because of our negligence and carelessness we have been imposed with fines.Today,we have brought Top 10 list of Dubai Metro fines in Uae so that if you are travelling to dubai next time ,please keep yourself aware to travel in Dubai metro to avoid fines.This top 10 RTA Dubai metro fines will help you in saving your extravagant expenditure on fines and you will also feel knowledgable after you read them below.

Lets start with Top most highest Dubai metro fines with amount below :

Top 10 RTA Metro Dubai fines Reasons with amount Uae

Emergency Button

Fine : Aed 2000

Reason: Emergency button placed in many places inside the metro and if the traveller uses the button without any referred emergency then the traveller will be fined for Aed 2000.


Fine : Aed 2000

Reason : Harming, vandalizing or obliterating Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services with intention or no intention will result the traveller for paying up the fine of Aed 2000.

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Safety devices Usage

Fine : Aed 2000

Cause : Inappropriate use of security equipments or safety devices placed inside the metro for uncleared reson or where it is not necessary

Hazardous Items

Fine : Aed 1000

Reason : Carrying dangerous things, including weapons, sharp devices or inflammable materials, inside Open Vehicle and Public Transport Services and Administrations.

Alcoholic Items

Fine : Aed 500

Reason : Alcohol is a big reason for which you will get into fine prescription of Aed 500 in RTA Metro Dubai.The Reason includes if you carry Alcoholic beverages items inside the metro of any type.

Counterfeit Card

Fine : Aed 500

Reason : Using any type of counterfeit card for the purpose of travelling inside the metro will impose a fine of Aed 500 to you.You will be asked to provide your ID too.


Fine : Aed 300

Reason : Are you feeling sleepy ? It can cause you a fine of Aed 300 while sleeping inside the metro where sleeping is prohibited or in passenger shelters.Falling off while sleeping on anyone too.

Expired/Invalid/others card

Fine : Aed 200

Reason : Yes,if you are carrying the RTA nol card with expiry,invalidity or using other’s person card ,you will be charged with the fine of Aed 200 .


Fine : Aed 100 per day upto Aed 1000

Reason : If you have parked your car in the designeated area for RTA Metro dubai users for more than the allotted time,it will give you a heavy fine of Aed 100 per day and it can go upto Aed 1000.


Fine : Aed 200

Reason : This fine will be imposed for selling any type of goods,products or services inside the RTA Metro Dubai premises.

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