Top 15 Government Ministry services in UAE

Top 15 government ministry in uae

Top 15 Government Ministry services in UAE – Official website ,links and Eveyrhting you need to know

Uae Government has done an extensive work on the framework of the country to provide easy and fast services in any of the sectorial departments.

People of UAE has been very happily praising the work of UAE government in past years as the reformation has taken a very fast pace .Either it can be paperless activity ,cashless activity,best eductaional system or anything you name it.UAE government has performed extraordinary in providing care and support to the country’ need.\

Today we are going to tell you the most important ministry in Uae governments list.

Top List of Uae Government Minsitry Services

Ministry of Interior

The UAE Ministry of Interior looks upon ensuring the security and stability for citizens and residents .The ministry also performs various other duties and responsibilities

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

UAE MOHRE manages manpower in the UAE to reach a new phase of development and establish a knowledge-based economy according to the future vision of the government;

Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security

ICP has specialized in providing identification and confirmation services of Identity for individuals to federal and local government authorities and any other entities and determining the means applicable in this regard.

Ministry of Health and Prevention

The health sector is one of the most developed and secured system in the UAE, and it also ranks first worldwide across a number of approved health indicators.

UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention played a major role at the time of pandemic to safeguard the country . Uae has been awarded as one of the best country in Qualitative Health care.

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Ministry of Education

UAE Ministry of Education looks after the education system within UAE.It has  provided high-quality educational environment for the people of UAE as their vision is Investing in human capital more than the resources.

It reformed the Higher education institutions with massive devlopment in terms of quality education and resources.It all started with United Arab Emirates University and then the Higher Colleges of Technology, followed by the opening of the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Central Bank of the U.A.E

Supervisory and regulatory authority of the banking and insurance sector. Central Bank of Uae regulates the monetary stability for the growth and devlopment in UAE.

Ministry of Justice

UAE Ministry of Justice has been the law governing entity and following the judiciary system within UAE.

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Ministry of Economy

Uae Ministry of Economy has been growing and been the backbone of uae since it reformation .It has grown exponentially in past 2 decades.

Their services include

  • trademark services
  • control
  • consumer protection
  • patent services
  • industrial designs and many more

Telecommunication and Digital Government Regulatory Authority

Ministry of Finance

UAE Ministry of Finance looks upon Federal government’s financial resources through policies, excellent abilities, and local and international relations in order to achieve development, sustainability, and the integrity of the fiscal system in accordance with best practices.

It is all well organized within Uae for all departments to provide efficient services .

Securities and Commodities Authority

It is one of the powerful authority to monitor and regulate the development of the organizational and supervisory framework of the list joint-stock companies and other companies operating in the securities field.

Emirates Post Group

General Pension and Social Security Authority

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