20 Budget Friendly EMI credit cards in Uae 2024

budget friendly EMI credit cards options in uae

Want to buy new gadget,car,dress,or anything in UAE but you don’t have money for it ?

Don’t be embarrased,we all have been there sometime.

Either it will be New Iphone payment buying from dubai mall or new House rent in dubai marina ,everything could have been transformed into small breakdown payment and now you know what we are talking about.

Are you the budgeted ones in UAE ,who are always looking for some time to pay for full payment ?

Don’t sweat it, friend !

The answer to all your questions and worries is cheap low cost EMI CREDIT CARDS in Dubai

Imagine this : you’re back from Bali, basking in the glow of sun-kissed skin and island memories. But that new surfboard whispers, “Remember me ?

And the hefty price tag ?” No need to dive into financial panic !

With an EMI card, that board (or any other splurge) can be spread across comfy monthly payments, turning your post-trip blues into “payday with a smile” kind of vibes. Think of it as your financial surfboard, keeping you afloat in the sea of post-vacation expenses.

What is EMI Credit cards ?

An EMI credit card in the UAE, or anywhere else for that matter, is a credit card that allows you to pay for your purchases in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs).

This means instead of paying the entire amount at once, you can spread it out over a predetermined period, typically ranging from 3 to 24 months, depending on the card and the purchase amount.

How does EMI Credit card works in UAE

Make a purchase: Use your EMI credit card to make a purchase that meets the minimum eligible amount (usually around AED 3,000).

Choose your EMI plan : Select the desired EMI tenure at the checkout or through your card’s online portal.

Monthly repayments: The purchase amount is divided into equal monthly installments that you pay along with your regular credit card statement.

Interest and fees : Most EMI credit cards charge interest on the outstanding balance, though some may offer 0% interest for specific categories or limited periods. There may also be processing fees or other charges associated with using the EMI option.

Benefits of EMI credit cards

Manage large purchases : Allows you to afford bigger purchases like electronics, furniture, or even travel packages without straining your budget.

Flexibility: Choose an EMI plan that suits your repayment capacity and financial situation.

Budgeting tool : Makes budgeting easier by breaking down the cost into predictable monthly payments.

Reward points : Some EMI cards offer reward points or cashback on purchases, even when paid in installments.

Things to consider before using an EMI credit card

Interest rates : Compare interest rates across different cards to find the best deal and avoid high financing charges.

Eligibility : Check the minimum transaction amount and other eligibility criteria for using the EMI option on your card.

Debt accumulation : Don’t overspend just because you have the EMI option. Be mindful of your overall debt and spending habits.

Fees : Watch out for processing fees, late payment charges, or other potential costs associated with EMI usage.

These above points and explianation are not limited ,they can vary according to your needs ,however,basic general principle applies to all emi credit cards while applying or choosing them in UAE.

But before we start booking flights and racking up digital surfboards, let’s dive into the details. Here are 10 UAE credit cards offering sweet EMI options, each with its own set of perks and quirks :

10 Budget friendly EMI credit cards in UAE (Dubai)

1.FAB Classic Credit Card


Annual Fee – AED 250

This pocket-friendly gem lets you split purchases from AED 3,000 into EMIs, perfect for unexpected (but necessary) expenses like car repairs or that leaky roof. No judgment here, leaky roofs happen!

2. Mashreq Neo Visa Signature Credit Card

Annual Fee– AED 899

Treat yourself to a shopping spree without the guilt! This card offers 0% interest EMIs on select electronics and furniture stores, along with travel insurance and purchase protection. Now, go forth and conquer those sale racks!

3. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card

Annual Fee -AED700

This travel enthusiast’s dream card lets you split flight and hotel bookings into EMIs, plus you earn reward points on every swipe. Double the adventure, double the joy!

4. RAKBANK Smart Traveller Credit Card

Annual Fee -AED 350

Say goodbye to airport stress! This card offers priority check-in, lounge access, and yes, you guessed it, EMIs on flight bookings. Now, boarding time becomes “relaxation time.” No more sprinting through duty-free with your hair on fire!

5. Emirates Islamic Flex Everyday Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 250

This everyday hero lets you split purchases from AED 500 into EMIs, covering everything from groceries to that new outfit you need for (ahem) post-vacation Instagram pics. We all deserve a post-trip fashion update, right?

6. HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee– AED 1,500

Spoil yourself with 0% interest EMIs on luxury brands and designer boutiques, access to prestigious airport lounges, and complimentary travel insurance.

7. ADCB Elite Credit Card

Annual Fee-AED 3,000

Bask in VIP treatment with dedicated concierge service, exclusive dining and entertainment offers, and up to 60 months’ EMI options on high-end purchases.

8. First Abu Dhabi Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee-AED 1,500

Extend your gadget addiction with 0% interest EMIs on electronics and appliances, plus global Wi-Fi access and extended warranties.

9. Emirates Skywards Platinum Credit Card

Annual Fee AED 1,250

Transform business trips into tech-fueled adventures with EMIs on gadgets and electronics at select airport stores, along with priority check-in and bonus Skywards Miles.

10. RAKBank Smart Shopper Credit Card

Annual FeeAED 500

Manage family expenses like a pro with EMIs on groceries and utility bills, enjoy family-friendly travel insurance, and earn reward points on everyday purchases

Remember, friends, EMI cards are powerful tools, but like any magic, they require responsible use. Always be mindful of interest rates (which can vary) and stick to a budget.

Don’t let the siren song of endless installments lure you into a financial whirlpool. Think of it as spreading out the fun, not drowning in debt.

Below are some secret tips which I have encountered in my usage and come to know for various users and they actually saves a lot for you.

Bonus Tips Only for you

Minimum transaction amount for EMI eligibility : Some cards have a minimum amount you need to spend before you can split it into payments.

Maximum tenure for EMI repayment : This can range from a few months to a few years, so choose a card with a timeline that fits your budget.

Buy now ,Pay Later : Check for cards offering “buy now, pay later” schemes on specific platforms like Amazon or Noon, allowing you to split purchases into installments without a traditional credit card.

Interest EMI : Look for cards with 0% interest EMI offers on specific categories like travel or electronics. Score yourself a sweet deal without the sting of extra charges! Because who doesn’t love a bargain with their new surfboard?

Additional benefits : Go beyond just EMI options and highlight other perks like cashback, reward points, travel insurance, airport lounge access, etc.

Link to the card’s website for more details : Make it easy for readers to get all the nitty-gritty information.

Remember, finding the perfect EMI card is all about tailoring it to your unique lifestyle and spending habits. Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare offers before making a decision!

Overall, EMI credit cards can be a helpful tool for managing large purchases and making them more affordable, but it’s important to use them responsibly and understand the associated fees and interest rates.

I hope this EMI Credit card guide in Uae will help you out in many ways and you can bookmak this article for cross check while choosing or selecting Low cost budget friendly EMI credit cards option in dubai.

Until Then ,


Always spend responsibly !

Stay Safe and Financially Healthy.

Disclaimer : This above article blog post is for educational and informational purposes only.We do not recommend,prefer or promote any type of financial instruments.We are not responsible for your choices,Do your own research before choosing any products.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

Can I split all purchases on my EMI card into installments ?

No, usually there’s a minimum transaction amount (typically around AED 3,000) for purchases to be eligible for EMI plans. Additionally, specific brands or categories like groceries or bills might not be included.

Do I get loyalty points even when paying in installments ?

Some cards offer reward points or cashback even on EMI purchases, but there might be different rates or exclusions compared to full payments. Check your card’s specific terms and conditions.

What happens if I miss an EMI payment ?

Missing an EMI payment can incur late payment charges and might negatively impact your credit score. Always prioritize timely repayments to avoid any penalties.

Can I combine multiple purchases into one EMI plan ?

Some cards allow for “consolidation” where you can combine existing card balances or multiple recent purchases into a single EMI plan, simplifying your repayments.

Is there a way to get 0% interest on EMI purchases ?

Yes, some cards offer limited-time promotions or specific partnerships with certain stores where you can enjoy 0% interest on EMI plans for electronics, furniture, or even travel bookings.

12 Lounge access Credit Cards in Uae 2024

best lounge access credit cards in uae

Imagine this : you’re at Dubai International Airport ! you’re sprinting through a bustling airport, juggling overflowing suitcases and a toddler with the energy of a jet engine.

The clock mocks you, your flight boarding in a heartbeat.

Your dream vacation is on the brink of meltdown and you’re already fed up before even starting.

But wait,

What if there was a secret portal, a haven beckons – a sanctuary of calm amidst the chaos, a portal to pre-flight serenity.

A haven of calm Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments, and comfy armchairs, where you can sip your latte and prep for your adventure in peace.

This, my friend, is the magic of airport lounge access , and in the UAE, it’s a perk waiting to be unlocked with the right credit card.

Enter the world of airport lounges, and the key that unlocks them ?

Your trusty credit card.

For frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts in the UAE, navigating the multitude of lounge access credit cards can be overwhelming.

Fear not, weary traveler, for we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to 12 top-tier Lounge Access credit cards from UAE banks, offering your passport to lounge serenity in 2024.

Before that we will also guide you through on benefits and How to check the best Lounge access credit for your needs.Ready ?

What to Check Before Applying Lounge Access Credit cards in Uae

how to apply credit card in dubai uae

1. Lounge Access Network

Not all cards offer access to the same lounges. Look for cards partnered with networks like Priority Pass, DragonPass, or LoungeKey, which provide access to hundreds of lounges worldwide.

2. Annual Fee and Spending Requirements

Lounge access often comes with an annual fee and minimum spending requirements. Choose a card that aligns with your travel frequency and budget.

3. Benefits and Rewards

Don’t just focus on lounge access. Consider other card benefits like travel insurance, purchase protection, cashback, or loyalty program points.

4. Interest Rates and Fees

Understand the card’s interest rate and fees, particularly if you’re not planning to pay your balance in full each month.

5. Usage Policies and other Conditions

All these above points will navigate you in getting the best lounge access credit card in Uae.

Benefits of Lounge Access Credit Cards

Escape the Crowds : Bid farewell to overflowing terminals and screaming toddlers. Lounges offer a tranquil oasis with comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and sometimes even spa treatments.

Prioritize Your Time : Skip the long queues and enjoy priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. Lounge access saves you precious time and reduces travel stress.

Elevate Your Experience : Enjoy complimentary food and beverages, from gourmet snacks to international buffets. Some lounges even offer showers, entertainment systems, and business centers.

Boost Your Travel Rewards: Many lounge access cards offer bonus miles or points on travel and dining, accelerating your journey towards your next dream destination.

These are few benefits of using Lounge access credit cards ,however,they are not limited as well.You may find many cards having ample amount of benefits to use like

12 Best Lounge access credit cards in Uae 2024

1. HSBC Black Credit Card

HSBC Lounge access credit card uae

Annual Fee : AED 1500

Unrivaled luxury awaits with unlimited access to over 1,200 lounges worldwide, chauffeur service in Dubai, and a dedicated travel concierge.

2. Citibank Emirates Ultima Credit Card

citibank emirates ultima credit card

Annual Fee : AED 3000

Enjoy unlimited lounge access, 2.5 Skywards Miles per AED spent, and complimentary Silver membership with Emirates, along with a sleek metal card.

Check out Weblink : https://www1.citibank.ae/credit-cards/travel/emirates-citibank-ultima-mastercard

3. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 1575

Relax in over 1,000 lounges globally, earn Priority Pass Select membership, and enjoy travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://www.sc.com/sg/credit-cards/visa-infinite-card/

4. ADCB Travellers Credit Card

ADCB travellers credit card

Annual Fee : AED 1050

Access over 650 lounges worldwide, earn 1.25 Etihad Guest Miles per AED spent, and enjoy travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://www.adcb.com/en/personal/cards/credit-cards/traveller-credit-card

5. Mashreq Bank Solitaire Credit Card

Mashreq Bank solitaire credit card

Annual Fee : AED 1500

Unwind in over 1,000 lounges, earn 1.5 Mashreq Miles per AED spent, and benefit from travel insurance, purchase protection, and hotel discounts.

Check out Weblink : https://www.mashreqbank.com/en/uae/neo/cards/credit-cards/solitaire-credit-card/

6. Emirates Islamic Bank Flex Elite Credit Card

emirates islamic bank flex elite credit card

Annual Fee : AED 700

Enjoy access to over 850 lounges, earn 1 Skywards Mile per AED spent, and benefit from travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://www.emiratesislamic.ae/en/personal-banking/cards/credit-cards/flex-elite-card

7. FAB Cashback World Mastercard Credit Card


Annual Fee : AED 315

Relax in over 1,000 lounges, earn 1% cashback on all spends, and enjoy purchase protection and travel insurance.

Check out Weblink : https://www.bankfab.com/en-ae/personal/credit-cards/cashback-credit-card

8. Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 200

Earn 1% cashback on all spends and gain access to over 1,000 lounges through the Deem app, along with travel insurance and purchase protection.

Check out Weblink : https://deem.io/cards/titanium-cash-up

9. Emirates Skywards Platinum Credit Card

Emirates Skywards Platinum Credit Card

Annual Fee : Varies

Earn Skywards Miles on spends and access over 850 lounges with Silver membership. Annual fee varies depending on spending threshold.

Check out Weblink : https://www.emirates.com/us/english/book/about-booking-online/payment-options/

10. Dubai Islamic Bank Makkah Miles World Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee : Varies

Earn Makkah Miles on spends and access over 700 lounges with Silver membership. Annual fee varies depending on spending threshold.

Check out Weblink : https://www.dib.ae/personal/cards

11. RAKBANK Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

RAKBANK Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED599

Earn RAKPoints on spends and access over 600 lounges with Priority Pass Select membership.

Check out Weblink : https://www.rakbank.ae/en/cards/credit-cards

12. First Abu Dhabi Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

First Abu Dhabi Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

Annual Fee : AED 595

Earn FAB Rewards points on spends and access over 1,000 lounges with Priority Pass Select membership.

Check out Weblink : https://www.bankfab.com/en-ae/personal/credit-cards/fab-world-elite

These 12 Lounge access credit cards can help you in your easy travelling through airports and some tips which you should remember while using cards are listed as below .

Important Tips for Lounge Access Credit Cards Usage

Check Lounge Availability : Lounge access can be limited during peak hours. Book your lounge visit in advance, especially if traveling with a large group.

Dress Code : Some lounges have dress codes, so pack accordingly. Avoid ripped jeans, athletic wear, or overly revealing clothing.

Etiquette : Respect the lounge environment. Be mindful of noise levels, avoid monopolizing seating, and dispose of your trash properly.

Maximize Your Benefits : Take advantage of all the lounge amenities, from complimentary food and drinks to Wi-Fi and business facilities.

Read this also : Best credit cards in dubai for low salary

15 Make Money online apps to earn instant cash online in Uae

Remember, the perfect lounge access credit card is a personal choice.

Carefully consider your travel habits, budget, and desired benefits before making your decision. With the right credit card in hand, you can transform your airport experience from a stressful ordeal to a luxurious prelude to your journey.

Final not the last ,It is one’s individual choice to have lounge access credit cards according to their financial stabilty and other requirements,If you can avoid the extra expenditures which comes along with the credit cards then why not .

Use the free way and become smart and responsible for your travels.

We hope this guide will help you in any way and make a difference in your life as you travel through airports on big journey’s.

Until then,

Voila ! Stay safe and Healthy.

See you on the other side.

Disclaimer : This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult a qualified financial advisor for personalized guidance before applying for any credit card.Do your own research.


Frequently Asked Question (Faq’s)

How much do lounge access credit cards cost in the UAE ?

Annual fees vary depending on the card and its benefits. Expect anything from AED 315 for limited lounge access to AED 3,000 for unlimited access and premium perks like travel insurance and bonus miles.

Do all credit cards in UAE offer lounge access ?

No, not all credit cards in the UAE offer lounge access. Look for cards with partnerships with networks like Priority Pass, DragonPass, or LoungeKey, which grant access to hundreds of lounges worldwide.

What’s the cheapest way to get lounge access in UAE airports ?

Some mid-tier cards offer limited lounge access through networks like LoungeKey at lower annual fees, like the ADCB Travellers Card (AED 1,050) or the FAB Cashback Credit Card (AED 315). Consider your travel frequency and desired benefits before choosing a card.

Do I need to spend a certain amount to get lounge access with my credit card?

Some cards require minimum monthly or annual spending to maintain lounge access privileges. Check the card’s terms and conditions before applying.

Is it possible to get lounge access credit cards in Aed 5000 salary ?

Yes,if you are able to pay the annual fees of credit cards then you can have any.

How to get Credit card in Uae 2024 – All you need to know

how to get credit card in uae

Remember the days of haggling over ten dirhams at the souq, meticulously budgeting your samosas and shawarma ?

Those days are fading, replaced by the sleek tap of a plastic rectangle promising instant gratification (and maybe a few travel miles to boot).

Yes, we’re talking about credit cards, the coveted gateway to a world of financial freedom and, let’s be honest, some seriously tempting rewards.

But navigating the UAE’s credit card landscape can feel like trekking across the Rub’ al Khali – vast, confusing, and potentially scorching hot on your wallet.

Fear not, intrepid spenders !

This comprehensive guide is your trusty camel, leading you through the oases of eligibility, documents, charges, and benefits, all the way to a seamless credit card application in 2024.

So, tighten your kandura (or sundress, no judgment here), and get ready to unlock a world of financial possibilities, one swipe at a time.

Conquering Credit in the UAE : Your 2024 Guide to Getting a Credit Card

14 best credit cards in dubai uae for salary 5000

In the bustling financial hub of the UAE, having a credit card isn’t just convenient, it unlocks a world of benefits and rewards.

But navigating the application process can seem daunting. Fear not, savvy spenders ! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics to conquer credit in the UAE in 2024.

Credit Card Eligibility in UAE 2024

Before diving into applications, let’s check if you meet the basic criteria :

  • Age : Most banks require you to be at least 21 years old.
  • Salary : The minimum salary varies depending on the card, but generally ranges from AED 3,000 to AED 5,000.Some cards may have higher thresholds.
  • Employment : You must be a salaried employee or self-employed with a proven income source.
  • Residency : Holding a valid UAE residency visa is essential.
  • For Business Holders : Verified business owners with trade licenses under their name.

Documents required for Credit Card in UAE

  • Emirates ID : Your key to identification in the UAE.
  • Salary certificate or Proof of Income : Verifies your income and satisfies employer confirmation.
  • Bank statements : The past 3-6 months paint a picture of your financial stability.
  • Passport copy : For additional identification and residency verification.
  • Employment or Labour Contract (if applicable)
  • Other documents : Specific cards may require additional proofs like trade licenses for self-employed individuals.
  • Any other documents requested by the specific bank.

Credit Card Fees & Rates in UAE : What to Expect

how to apply credit card in dubai uae

Annual fee : Many cards charge an annual fee, ranging from AED 250 to AED 5,000 or more. Consider this when choosing a card.

Interest rate : This is the rate you’ll pay on unpaid balances. Look for cards with low APRs (Annual Percentage Rate) and avoid exceeding your credit limit.

Late payment fees : These can be hefty, so ensure you can make timely repayments.

Foreign transaction fees : If you use your card abroad, you may incur additional charges.


The UAE credit card scene is a treasure trove of perks! Here are some common benefits :

  • Cashback : Earn a percentage back on your spending, boosting your budget.
  • Travel miles : Accumulate miles for flights, upgrades, and hotel stays.
  • Lounge access : Relax and indulge in airport lounges before your next adventure.
  • Insurance : Enjoy complimentary travel insurance and purchase protection.
  • Discounts and offers : Unlock exclusive deals and partnerships with various brands.

Step-by-Step Process to get credit card in Uae | How to apply

Step 1 :Compare,Research and choose

Research different cards and compare their features, fees, and benefits. Use online comparison tools or consult financial advisors for personalized recommendations.

Step 2 : Pre-Qualify

Many banks offer online pre-qualification tools that give you an indication of your approval chances without impacting your credit score.

Step 3 : Gather all required Documents

Ensure you have all the required documents readily available.Check the list above and be ready before you apply.

Note : In case if you need salary certificate ,Ask from your HR.

Step 4 : Apply online or in person .Fill your Application Form.

 Most banks offer online application forms, making the process quick and convenient.
Alternatively, you can visit a bank branch and speak with a representative.

Step 5 : Review the details and submit your credit card application.

Carefully review the application form before submitting it for all the charges and other terms.. Double-check your information and ensure all documents are attached.

Step 6 : Wait for verification and approval via phone call

Banks typically take a few days to process applications. You’ll be notified via email or phone call about the decision.A bank representative will call you for verification .He will ask all the details and cross verify them with you over phone call.

Note : In case of rejection ,You will be notified of a reason and then you can apply again after you fulfill the criteria.

Step 7: Your credit card is approved and activate it .

Once approved, you’ll receive your credit card and activation instructions through email and welcome brochure with credit card manual.

7 Tips before applying Credit Card in Uae

Focus on building a good credit score : Maintain a healthy credit score by paying bills on time and keeping your credit utilization ratio low.

Choose a card with benefits you’ll use : Don’t get swayed by high rewards if they don’t align with your spending habits.

Read the fine print : Understand all fees, charges, and terms and conditions before signing up.

Use a budget and track your spending :  Avoid overspending and ensure you can afford your monthly payments.

Start with a low-limit card : If you’re new to credit, consider a card with a lower credit limit to build your credit history..

Don’t apply for too many cards at once : Multiple applications within a short period can negatively impact your credit score.

Responsible use : Use your credit card responsibly by paying your bills on time, keeping your spending within limits, and avoiding unnecessary debt.

With this roadmap in hand, conquer the UAE’s credit card landscape and unlock a world of financial flexibility and rewarding experiences. Remember, responsible credit usage is key to making the most of this powerful tool. So, spend smart, reap the rewards, and enjoy the financial freedom that comes with using a credit card wisely in the UAE!

I hope this detailed blog post provides you with valuable information and helps you navigate the process of getting a credit card in the UAE in 2024.

Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions on ask@dxbify.com.

Until then,

Stay Safe and Healthy.

See you on the other side.

Disclaimer : This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult a qualified financial advisor for personalized guidance before applying for any credit card.