6 Ways How to recharge nol card in dubai Online 2024 Updated

how to recharge nol card in dubai online updated

A detailed step by step guide on How to recharge nol card in dubai online| 6 easy ways to recharge nol card online in dubai | dubai nol card recharge online

Gone are the days of fumbling with coins or waiting in line at kiosks !

Dubai’s RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) offers a variety of convenient online options to keep your Nol card topped up and your journeys hassle-free.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy local or a visiting tourist, this guide will take you through the steps of recharging your Nol card online in Dubai, no sweat.

Before You Start to recharge Nol card online :

Ensure your Nol card is registered : Head over to the RTA website (https://www.rta.ae/) and register your card with your mobile number. This unlocks additional features like top-up history and balance alerts.

Choose your platform : You can recharge your Nol card online through the RTA website, the RTA Smart Salik app, or the Nol Pay app. Each platform offers its own advantages, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

6 Easy Ways to Reacharge Your Nol Card Online in Dubai

1. RTA Website :

Step 1 : Head over to the official RTA website: https://www.rta.ae/

Step 2 : Click on “Public Transport” and then “Top Up Nol Cards.”

Step 3 : Choose your preferred method:

For Guest User : Enter your Nol card tag ID (printed on the back of the card) and email address.

For Registered User : Log in with your RTA account credentials.

Step 4 : Select your desired top-up amount. Remember, the minimum is 7.5 AED and the maximum is 1,000 AED for anonymous cards and 5,000 AED for personal and registered cards.

Step 5 : Enter your credit/debit card details and complete the secure payment.

Step 6 : Your card is topped up! You’ll receive a confirmation email and SMS with the updated balance.

Note : Your balance will be updated in a while .

2. RTA Smart Salik App :

Step 1 : Download and install the RTA Smart Salik app on your smartphone. Available on both Android and iOS.

Step 2 : Create an account or log in with your existing credentials.

Step 3 :Navigate to the “Nol Card” section and select “Top Up.”

Step 4 : Choose your Nol card from the list (if you have multiple cards) or scan its barcode.

Step 5 :Pick your top-up amount and preferred payment method (credit/debit card, Salik balance).

Step 6 : Confirm the transaction and enjoy the instant recharge!

3. Nol Pay App :

Step 1 : Download and install the Nol Pay app on your smartphone. Available on both Android and iOS.

Step 2 : Register for an account or log in with your existing credentials.

Step 3 : Tap the “Top Up” button and select your Nol card.

Step 4 : Choose your top-up amount and preferred payment method (credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

Step 5 : Authorize the payment and watch your balance grow instantly!

Bonus feature: With Nol Pay, you can also top up other people’s Nol cards, manage multiple cards, and view transaction history.

4. Dubai Pay App :

App Store/Google Play: Download Dubai Pay App.

Benefits: Integrated payments platform, wide range of services, loyalty program.

Step 1 : Open the Dubai Pay App and log in.

Step 2 : Select “Top Up Services” and choose “Nol Card Top Up.”

Step 3 : Enter your Nol card number and recharge amount.

Step 4 : Pay securely through your linked bank account or eWallet.

That’s it ! Your Nol card is reloaded and ready to use.

5. Through Online Banking Platforms (various banks):

Many major banks in the UAE offer online Nol card top-up services within their online banking portals .Banks like Emirates NBD,ADCB,Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) and many more.

The process varies depending on your bank, but generally involves selecting “Bill Payments ,” choosing “RTA Nol Card,” entering your card details and top-up amount, and confirming the payment.

Check with your bank’s website or customer service for specific instructions.

6. At Convenience Stores,Grocery stores,Mobile store and Petrol Stations :

Various stores like Grocery stores,Supermarket,Zoom ,Mobile recharge stores ,electronic shops also provide RTA Nol Card Recharge which can save you instead of going to Metro stations.

Visit any convenience stores ,petrol stations in Dubai and ask for Nol card top-up services.

Look for the RTA Nol logo displayed at the store

If it’s available,Inform the cashier you’d like to top up your Nol card and provide your card or its tag ID.

Pay the desired amount in cash and receive a confirmation receipt.

Note : Stores might charge AED 1 extra for recharging so ask before you recharge

Points to Remember

  1. Minimum top-up amount is AED 7.5, maximum is AED 1,000 for anonymous cards and AED 5,000 for personalized cards.
  2. Top-up may take up to 4 hours to reflect on your card. Use online parking meters, metro gates, or the Nol Pay app to activate it faster.
  3. Keep your Nol card number and registered mobile number handy for online transactions.
  4. Top-up history and alerts: Registered users can access their top-up history and set low balance alerts through the website or app.
  5. There may be a minimal processing fee for online top-up transactions.
  6. Always keep your Nol card details and passwords secure.

With these convenient online options at your fingertips, topping up your RTA Nol card in Dubai has become easy.

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You don’t have to stand in ques or no need to go to station for recharge as now it’s easily available with many options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

Can I top up my Nol card with cash online ?

No, online Nol card recharges currently only accept credit/debit card payments or electronic payment options like your Salik balance. However, you can top up with cash at ticket machines in metro stations, RTA customer service centers, and authorized retail outlets.

Can I recharge any type of Nol card online ?

Yes, you can recharge all types of Nol cards, including Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, and personalized cards, through the RTA website, Smart Salik app, or Nol Pay app.

How long does it take to receive my top-up after paying online ?

While the payment itself is instant, it may take up to 4 hours for the top-up amount to reflect on your card. To activate the balance faster, tap your card at a Metro gate, online parking machine, or smart top-up bus.

Is there a fee for online Nol card recharge ?

No, there are no additional fees for topping up your Nol card online. You only pay the chosen top-up amount.However,if you are doing from convenience stores ,they might charge you extra fees.

What happens if I accidentally enter the wrong top-up amount online ?

Unfortunately, online top-up transactions are irreversible. Ensure you double-check the amount before confirming the payment. If you make a mistake, you can contact the RTA customer service center for assistance.