10 Best Electronics Stores in Dubai,Uae 2024

top 10 electronics gadgets stores in Uae 2022

A detailed Guide on Top 10 Best Electronics Shops Stores in Uae 2024- Top 10 Electronics Gadgets shops in Dubai) ,Top 10 electronics retailers in UAE 2024 – #Dxbify

Electronic gadgets are the most popular shopping items in Dubai after clothing. Dubai is popular for its great electronics deal and offers at certain festivals where people from around the world come to buy the best electronics at a cheap price.

It can be laptops,phones,watches,tablets,Tv,etc.Uae has a lot to offer in terms of Electronics deals. Today we are going to let you know about where you can buy the best electronic gadgets products in Dubai and other emirates too. Here is the List of the Top 10 Electronics stores shops in Dubai 2024.

Top 10 Electronics stores in UAE 2024

1. Jumbo Electronics Dubai (uae)

Jumbo Electronics dubai uae

Jumbo literally means big and as the name says yes this electronics store is quite big to accommodate all the electronics products available in Uae.\

They are available in offline stores and online stores too. Their stores are located in Popular malls of UAE like Dubai Mall. J

Jumbo electronics has taken the No1 spot for Best electronics stores to buy gadgets in UAE.

Best Buy : Laptop, Camera deals, and mobile phones.

Prime Location: Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre, Al karama, Mall of emirates,Al Wahda city and many more

2. Sharaf Dg Dubai

Sharaf Dg Dubai uae

The next Giant Store recently took big shape as the store has one metro station named “SHARAF DG ” so the branding and marketing went one level up for the electronics store in UAE.They offer great wide variety of electronics in their stores and have great availabilty of offers on all ranges.

Best Buy : Mobile phones,Computers and home appliances

Prime Location : Dubai Mall, MOE,Ajman city centre,DCC,Ibn Batutta Mall

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3. E-MAX

E-MAX dubai uae

Working under the Landmark Group of UAE, this brand has a selection of over 800 brands and 100,000 products which makes it one of the biggest electronics stores in the UAE.

Best Buy : Mobile Phone accessories ,Laptops

Prime Location : Palm Jumeirah,Oasis centre,Sahara mall,Al Ghurair Centre,Ibn batutta Mall

4. Carrefour Uae

Carrefour Uae

Carrefour is best known for grocery shopping however, Carrefour has expanded its stores to sell electronics on large scale in UAE and especially Dubai. Carrefour is one of the largest electronics shops in the Uae.

Best Buy : TV,laptops,mobile phones and home appliances

Prime Location : Deira city centre (DCC),Mall of the Emirates (MOE), Oasis centre

5. Lulu Market

Lulu Hypermarket electronics store is the biggest after Carrefour in terms of Hypermarket shopping stores in UAE.It is one of the most popular stores in UAE among Asians as the brand owner is from INDIA.

Best Buy : Computer accessories,Mobile phones

Prime Location : Al Barsha,AL qusais,Al karama ,Hamriya ,Deira

6. Grand Stores

Recently took its shape after opening many stores in Uae.

Best Buy : Camera

Prime Location : Dubai Mall,DCC ,City Centre Mirdif


E-CITY dubai uae

E city is one of the biggest electronics retailers in Dubai, UAE with a wide variety of selections on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, televisions, gaming products & more.

Best Buy : Home appliances

Prime Location : MOE,deira city centre ,Dubai Mall

8. Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore dubai uae

The popular Virgin Megastore concept of the US has been there in UAE for quite a long time however, the popularity of the store is seen among Americans more than other nationalities. They offer great deals on gadgets with newly launched communication services in UAE.

Best Buy : Gaming

Prime Location : DubaiiMall,Dubai Marina Mall,City centre mirdif,DCC


 EROS DIGITAL dubai uae

One of the leading electronics retailers in the consumer electronics and home appliances category in Dubai, UAE. They offer some of the world’s most renowned brands which include Hitachi, Samsung, BenQ, Canon, Kodak, Sandisk, and many more.

Best Buy : Camera and accessories

Prime Location : Dubai Mall,sharjah Mall,Burjuman Mall

10. Jacky’s Electronics UAE

 Jacky's Electronics UAE

If you are interested out of box discount on Electronics, then Jacky’s electronics is your store to reach out.With a great deal of products availability.

Best Buy : Mobile phone deals

Prime Location : DCC,NASEER SQUARE

These are the best electronics store in dubai to shop for your amzing electronics collections.You might be able to get electronics in local shop as well but I do not recommend that as global stores are more better than for damage,repairs,exchange or warranty issues.

So what are you waiting for ,

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