How to Apply Private Teacher Work Permit UAE 2024

private teacher work permit uae

A detailed blog guide on How to get/apply Private Teacher Work Pemrit UAE 2024 with Eligibility Criteria , documents required,time ,license validity,steps and procedurs and everything you need to know about the Privare Tutor work permit in UAE .

The United Arab Emirates, a burgeoning education hub, has recently rolled out a game-changer for educators – the Private Teacher Work Permit. This permit empowers qualified individuals to offer private tuition, opening doors for both aspiring teachers and students seeking supplemental learning.

If you’re a teacher yearning to share your knowledge in the vibrant UAE, or a student looking for top-notch private instruction, this blog post is your one-stop guide to understanding the permit’s intricacies.

Who are eligible ?

The good news is, the permit welcomes a diverse range of individuals:

Registered teachers :  Whether employed or unemployed, if you hold a valid teaching license, you’re eligible.

Professionals with relevant expertise : Doctors, engineers, and other professionals can offer tutoring in their field of specialization.

University students : Aged 15-18, you can provide private lessons in subjects you excel in, earning valuable experience while contributing to student success.

Eligibility to get UAE Private Teacher Work permit

UAE residence is valid (sign the declaration, get the professional’s NOC, obtain the guardian’s NOC, and provide confirmation of student status).

What are the minimum requirements for a private tutor license ?

The prerequisites for each category (sign the declaration, NOC from the professional, NOC from the guardian, and evidence of student status)

Time Required for private tutor license application

The Time required to get the private teacher work permit in UAE is usually 1 to 5 working days to process the permit and you can recieve on your registered Email address.

Fees required to get Private Teacher Work permit

The Permit is free of charge from the UAE Government side and it can be availed by anyone.

The permit is absolutely free! You won’t incur any processing or issuance charges. However, you’ll need to commit to upholding a professional code of conduct outlined by the MoHRE.

License Validity

The license/permit is valid for 2 years with possiblity of renewing it again for use with free of cost,however,your documents should be still valid (not expired.)

Steps & Procedures to get UAE Private Teacher Work Permit

5 steps Easy process to get Private Teacher work permit in UAE :

Visit Mohre official website & select Services.

Head to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) website (Link below) or app.Look for the “Private Teacher Work Permit” section under “Services.” (Link Given Below)


Select the service & Enter Emirates id details

After Selecting the “Private Teacher Work Permit” Service ,You will be directed to new tab where you need to Enter your Emirates iD details .One time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number with Emirates id.Link Given Below


Prepare your documents

This includes your passport, educational certificates, professional licenses (if applicable), medical fitness certificate, and a good conduct certificate.

Fill out the Online application

 Be sure to carefully review and double-check your information.kinldy provide your active mobile no and email address where you will recieve your permit

Sign the code of conduct:

This document outlines your professional responsibilities and ensures ethical practices.

Submit the Application

After Submitting the application ,the processing of application might take upto 1 to 5 working days for approval and the permit will be sent to Your regsitered email address and will be communiacted through SMS on your mobile number.

Estimated Cost: -1 USD

Additional Points to Consider :

Here are some additional points to consider :

Validity : The permit is valid for two years and can be renewed upon expiry.

Location flexibility :  You can conduct lessons online or at your own designated space, maximizing your options.

Tax implications : Income earned through private tutoring is taxable, so familiarize yourself with the relevant regulations.

No NOC required : Unlike other work permits in the UAE, you don’t need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current employer (if applicable) to apply.   

How to Grow

  1. Network with educational institutions and parents to spread the word about your services.
  2. Build a strong online presence through social media and dedicated tutoring platforms.
  3. Stay updated on the latest teaching methodologies and curriculum changes.
  4. Offer unique and engaging teaching styles to stand out from the crowd.

With the right approach, the Private Teacher Work Permit can unlock a fulfilling and financially rewarding career path in the UAE. So, what are you waiting for? Start your tutoring journey today!

Benefit of the permit:

This initiative brings a multitude of benefits:

Enhanced learning opportunities for students : Access to specialized instruction becomes easier, fostering academic excellence.

Empowerment for educators : Qualified individuals can turn their passion into a profitable venture, boosting financial independence.

Regulation and quality control: The permit ensures professionalism and safeguards against unqualified tutors.


The UAE’s Private Teacher Work Permit marks a significant step forward in nurturing educational excellence. If you’re an educator searching for a rewarding career path or a student seeking quality private tuition, this permit opens a world of possibilities. So, seize the opportunity, embrace the regulations, and embark on a journey of enriching learning experiences!

With the Private Teacher Work Permit, the UAE has opened a world of possibilities for anyone passionate about sharing knowledge. So, grab your textbooks, dust off your lesson plans, and step into the exciting realm of private tutoring! Remember, the key to success lies in your expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing students with the support they need to excel.

We hope this comprehensive guide clarifies the intricacies of the UAE’s Private Teacher Work Permit. Now, go forth and educate, empower, and inspire !

Disclaimer : Always verify the latest details and requirements on the official MoHRE website before applying.This information is for help and educational purpose only,it might vary at the time of applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

My application has been declined- who can I escalate to
for review? Is there an application review process?

The application may be resubmitted after a period of six months if it is denied

If I get a license, can I work from my home country ?

Yes, provided that your residence in the UAE is lawful and complies with the agreements between the two parties.

Is there a different category / license for Online tutoring ?

A single licence covers both online and in-person activities.

Is there a cap on number of students I can tutor ?


How to apply 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae 2024 (Dubai,Abu Dhabi )

How to apply 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae 2023 -Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Sharjah ,Documents required,Visa cost fees,eligibility,processing time,where & how to apply and Everything you need to know #dxbify

How to apply 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae 2024 -Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Sharjah ,Documents required,Visa cost fees,eligibility,processing time,where & how to apply and Everything you need to know #dxbify

UAE Government has brought many new visas reforms after EXPO 2022 and one of them is Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa for the people who wants to visit dubai (Uae).In this visa,one can come to Uae as many times they want to.

This visa initiative have given access to the people whose families are staying within Uae.Today,we are going to tell you all the details you need to know from documents,visa fees/cost,price,eligibility,processing time ,how to apply online, where to apply details and all other full information about Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae shared below :

Eligibilty for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae

5 year Long term Tourist Visit Visa Uae is only applicable for the family members which gives the person eligibility to stay in UAE for not more than 90 days consecutively and the benficiary can take multiple entry from the visa.The staying period might extend to less than 6 months (180 days) in a given year.

Document Requirements for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visa Visa Uae

To apply Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visa Visa dubai Abu dhabi (Uae),you need to have the following required documents with you before applying :

Mandatory Requirements

  • Copy of the passport for whom the visa is been applied (Mandatory requirement).
  • Color photo of the individual (Mandatory requirement).
  • A ticket to and from the country .
  • Medical Insurance (Mandatory requirement).
  • Tour guide invoice or attachment details for visiting .
  • Your bank statement holding transactional value of 4000 Dollars or same equivalent in foreign currencies in past 6 months.
  • Proof of place of residence (hotel / residence address).(Mandatory Requirement )

Disclaimer : Optional documents and additional documents will vary according to the data filled in the application with nationality ,etc.


Fees,Cost,price for 5 year Long Term Tourist Visa Uae

The 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae fees and cost price is approximately Aed 3675 (actual price relies on Uae government portal at the time of applying)

Service Visa CategoryService Visa Fees Cost price (Aed)

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How to avoid Job Visa and labour fraud in Dubai UAE

How to Register on AL Hosn App before arrival in Uae

Processing Time for Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae

The usual Processing time for Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae is 7-14 working days.However,it may vary according to the information provided by you while applying.In some cases,You might recieve the service early.Uae government has been given numerous awards for providing fastest Visa Services.

Centers/Places where to apply for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae

There are 3 places where you can apply for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa in Uae (Dubai,Abu Dhabi,sharjah,Al Ain,RAk and other emirates) :

From Typing Centres

Visit any ICA accredited Typing centre in Uae with your supporting documents ,Typing centre executives will fill your application form.Pay the visa and service fees .Dont forget to take your reciept.

From Customer service Happiness centre

Visit any Customer service Happiness centre of Uae government with your documents.Submit all the documents to the customer service employee and your visa will be applied.

From Official Uae government Web portals

You can visit Uae Government ICP website or other portals to apply online Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa in dubai or abu dhabi .

Important points to remember before applying

  • If your application is been rejected three times due to unavailabilty of required information or documents,then the application will be cancelled.
  • Collect all the documents before applying and avoid the fees.
  • If the application is rejected by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship,then Visa issuance fees will be only refunded.
  • Your application might be cancelled automatically if unable to provide data within 30 days.

How to apply online for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visa Visa Uae 2024

How to apply online for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae 2024

How to apply online for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Dubai

Follow the steps below to apply online Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae :

Visit ICP Portal

Go to the official website of UAE government ICP Website to apply online for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa UAE.
click here to go ICP PORTAL

Smart services

Select Smart services for individuals in the menu and select “VISA – Multiple Entry – LONG TERM TOURIST VISA -5 YEARS -Issue New visa “
Click here to go

Start the service

click on the start service button
click on the link to go directly to the Start service.

Fill application

Enter all the required details like :
-Mobile number
-Family details
-Address etc.

And click on next.
Note : Register Email address and Mobile number carefully where you need to get your visa details.
Entries with asterisk (*) sign are mandatory to fill.
Please make sure to enter accurate data while filling all fields specially (Occupation, Mother Name, Phone Numbers, email (if applicable), and address) knowing that your application will be rejected in case inaccurate data found

Upload Documents

Check the list of documents above required for applying Long term Tourist Visit Visa Uae ,Upload them and click on next.
Note : Documents may vary according to the information provided in the application.


Check all the entered details and attached documents before applying to avoid Rejection of the visa issuance.
Review all the Details and submit.

Pay Visa application fees

Pay the 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa fees which is given above .

Rate the Uae government service

Give ratings for the service provided by the portal and submit your reviews.


You will be notified on your registered email address for approval,rejection or cancellation status.

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Does anyone can apply for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa in Uae ?

Yes,for all nationalities.

How much is the Long Term Tourist Visit Visa cost ?

Approx Aed 3675 (price may vary at the time of application )

How many days it take to process the visa ?

7-14 working days (data provided )

What are the documents required for Multiple Entry 5 year Long Term Tourist Visit Visa Uae ?

Please check the article above