How to apply Dubai cultural visa -Apply,process,documents & eligibility

how to apply for dubai cultural visa

How to apply Dubai cultural visa – Apply,process,documents,steps & eligibility for dubai cultural visa -#Dxbify

Dubai culture is so overwhelmed by people’s choice that every year more than 30 million viistors come to dubai to experience and reside in this beautiful city of dreams and hopes.In contrats to it,Dubai government has launched a similar program for those who believe in culture .

Dubai’s cultural visa is one of those progra,s where dubai enthusiastically welcomes the creators in their respective field and gives them opportunity to lead their career in dubai with dubai cultural visa programme.So to bring the sunshine on this very classic visa programme of dubai we will be guiding you throughout the process of dubai cultural visa requirements,how to apply,eligibility and process if you got one of those skills and want to be part of it.
So why wait lets get started with your creativity.

What is Dubai cultural visa ?

A 10 year cultural visa for the expertise and creators in the area of literature,culture,fine arts,performing arts,history,heritage ,knowledge related fields as well as creative intellectuals who like to excel in their field while living in dubai.

What are the requirements of Dubai’s cultural visa ?

  1. Years of residence in the country
  2. Record of knowledge – Academic credentials
  3. Creative achievements
  4. Optional- pledge to contribute of 30hours of service in creative or artistic areas in the UAE

Eligibility : Who can apply for dubai cultural visa ?

Creative artists and professional in the following categories

  • Art and design
  • Heritage
  • Performing arts
  • Culture

What are the documents required for applying dubai cultural visa

  • passport and your residence visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Your Cv(Resume ) which should have your contact numbers

How to apply for dubai cultural visa

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Following are the steps to be followed while applying dubai cultural visa -How to apply for dubai cultural visa

Step 1

For your application to be nominated ,first check whether you are eligible to apply for dubai cultural visa or not by applying self check list

Step 2

Now you need to apply for Creative and talent accredition service and sent your application to
You can easily apply through Dubai culture app
available on app store and playstore as well

Step 3

Arrange the above mentioned documents (please see above What are the documents required for applying dubai cultural visa )

Step 4

Attach the documents in the application before sending the mail

Step 5

Wait for the answer from the dubai cultural authority .If your application is granted or approved.You will get an accredition to get long term Dubai cultural visa which will be issued by GDRFA in dubai.

Dubai culture app

Note: You can renew your Dubai cultural visa without a local sponsorhsip.

For more information You should visit

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Note : please visit the Government of UAE official page/Typing centre for any updated and altered information.

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