7 Tips on Building Wealth in Uae for bachelor’s

7 Tips on How Bachelor's can build wealth in Uae

7 Tips on Building Wealth in Uae for bachelor’s in thier 20’s or 30’s – Earn more in Uae and Everything you need to know about making wealth in Uae.

In our 20’s or 30 ‘s When we start our career or starts to live on our own ,we overlook and see how can we even achieve our dreams and Goals in life with current decisions.

It is going to be interesting whn we talk about doing smaller things to achieve bigger Results.That is the case of being wealthy as well in any age.If I just share my own personal example,currenlty ,I m in my 30’s (at the time of writing ).However,I m financially free from the time I start my career.I have done all big events of my life with my own earned money in past 13 years and managed to save more than 3 Million in just 3 years after Covid.These are just my savings which are not included with the current value of my investments.How we can actually plan ourselves to become Financially free at younger age.

I’m Going to share some of the proven methods from Financial leaders and practically used by me. However,the choice is always yours to choose.


If you ever want to become wealthy in your personal savings or business ,this is the first thing to practice. Without budget into foreplay , you cannot become wealthy in any age .

It is very important to make budget for your needs in early 20’s or 30’s as the habit which we paractice in this certain age groups , will become the part of our life .

One of my simple way of Budgeting is to Follow Cash reserve system , In this you actually pay in the cash for different items in your budget.

For example ,If I have chosen AED 200 for movies in a month ,then I should not spend after Aed 200 has been finished in a month until my next month budget.

It’s a good way to spend accurate,less and be in discipline.

Main Tip over Budgeting is To stay focused and stick to it.Changing your budget many times will confuse you and will not give you certain results.

Budgeting helps people in saving a lot of money and cut down costs as well.

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Top 10 Tips to save Money in Dubai Uae


Everyone wants to stop wprking and just relax in thier retirement age. What are you planning for that time when you won’t have much energy to satnd even.

Planning your retirement in Younger Age will help you from over working.

In Our 20’s many of us don’t even think of retirement,the only focus we have is to earn and spend.However, Smart persons always make smart moves in their choices.

Open a Retirement fund account with Government sourced fund in any of the bank and Read all the necessary information beofre opening account.Learn how it will actually help you in buiding wealth over the years.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis of social Media

This is the common behaviour everyone in their Bachelor’s age does it, even I have seen many of the adults doing this .

What do we undertsand by it ?

Many of us in 20’s or 30 ‘s wants to become rich by quick millionaire schemes.In that regard, we generally starts to Analyse other’s Pumping stories on how they became rich in small amount of time.

We generally forget to get it approved from the genuine resources and end up being in hefty Debts situation.This leads to our Paralysis phase where we keeps on searching the stories on How to earn instantly or become wealthy instantly.

To Save yourself from this. Follow your Financial advisor or mentor ,take advise from them or authorised resources only.

Note :There is no Scheme or Formula in this world to become Wealthy instantly.

Side Incomes

When we are in 20’s or 30’s ,It’s easier for us to earn more easily than being in late 60’s or 70’s .To utilise the potential of being young in energy ,We prefer to earnmore instead of checking the returns of our investment.

On eo fmy favourite way is to earn a side income or part time income in UAE.It’s a way to earn some extra cash than being totally occupied by a full day job.

Some examples which I prefer is to do freelance writing, Make youtube videos ,Take some online classes , make E-courses material, Blogging , e-commerce selling , paid online surverys ,etc.

There are more than 100 ways to earn side Incomes or part time incomes in UAE,choose any one of them which suits you the best and start earning some extra cash in UAE.

Cut Over Expenditure

Being Honest with your expenses in you early 20’s and 30’s is the biggest key to achieve success in building wealth.

Do you want latest Iphone 14 or still you can use your current Iphone 10 model ?

Do you want latest Nike shoes or you still have 5 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe ?

That’s what we are talking, Observing and analysing yourself on how much you can reduce your expenses to save more in UAE.

There are many ways to do it :

  • Using Public Transportation
  • Cook at Home
  • Share your Wifi
  • Use Second hand products
  • Use smaller subscriptions

Find out your own expenses which are actually taking away your money and reduce them.

Read our article on 12 money saving ideas In Uae which will give you idea on cutting down expenses.

Clear Your Debts

Debts ,one of the barrier in becoming wealthy in your 20’s or 30’s. Bachelor’s more oftenly land up themsleves with over debts more than their earnings.

This is the Basic General rule or you can say formula to make money is to come Out of Debts First.

Debts can actually swipe out your savings and gains you make, so First thing is to clear off your debst in UAE.

It can be :

  • Credit Card debts
  • Property Debts
  • EMI
  • Mortagage
  • Personal Debts

People who have the habit of taking debts without considering their resources tend to fall more faster than thier growth.

Plan your debts, Clear them off as soon as possible.

Build Yourself

When it comes to building wealth in your 20’s or any age ,It’s not always external talks or things which needs to be done.

We are also talking about the personal growth and devlopment. It’s not always growing financially in terms of money

Make a Self development plan to increase your skills and train yourself in becoming proficient in your field of work.It will maximise your earnings automatically .

Learning is the only thing in this world which gives recurring benefits for your lifetime.


Saving is the key part in becoming wealthy.It is the main goal behind the above points .

Saving as much as you can and making the right choices in saving is the key for success in becoming wealthy.Decisions plays an important role in while saving for your futures.

Let your Money work for You -Financial Learning

After Using money saving ideas and Tips,Now is the time for actual deal to break through which is letting your money work for you.

Is it Possible ?

Yes,It is.When it comes to finance literacy many entrepreneurs , business leaders ,billionaires or millionaires have this one thing in common .They do not overwork in their life.

They let their money work for you.

Few ideas to share on how money will work for you :

  • Invest your money in stock market
  • Invest in Mutual Funds or ETF.
  • Use equity resources
  • Open recurring business
  • Profitable automation businesses
  • Invest in real estate.

These are some of the ideas where your money will keep growing automatically with proper execution .

Note : Above startegies only work if you have taken full knowledge about the idea you are going to use.Learn before execution.

I hope the information above will disciplinesed you in any way to become a wealthy person and become financially free.To know more about Uae Living tips and ideas,please follow #dxbify.If you have any questions,feel free to ask on ask@dxbify.com.

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